Google’s Chrome Browser: What You Need to Know

The Beta Download: Available September 2, 2008
Google’s Chrome Browser is not only real, it’s almost available to users for download. According to the Google Blog Chrome will become available for download tomorrow morning in more than 100 countries. The Beta launch of Chrome was announced in an official blog post called A fresh take on the browser.

Wait – Where’s the Download?
(Added by author) It’s the morning of Tuesday September 2, and the download remains unavailable. We’ll keep an eye out, but if you want to refresh like crazy, be sure to visit Google’s Chrome page (currently redirecting to that resides under Google Gears.

An Attack on Microsoft?
Google Chrome Browser ScreenshotsAs the search industry merges with the technology industry, I want to echo sentiments that Dow Jones’ Kara Swisher expressed on her blog.

I received an email from one of Kara’s colleagues, Christine Mohan, with this quote as well, who alerted me to Kara’s post.

“Sources told me definitively Google will launch the browser–which is its most blatant attack on Microsoft yet–as early as tomorrow for download by consumers.”

Christine Mohan emailed me after I posted an article earlier today called Google Chrome, Google’s Web Browser: Is it Real?

Well, yes. It is real – and in the hours since my post went live here on Search Engine Journal, a number of other media outlets ran with the story, accumulating more facts and traction along the way. A short while ago, Arnold Zafra posted on the official announcement of Chrome here on SEJ as well.

The Death of the Rumors
When I posted earlier today, Chrome was simply a pile of rumors. And, rumors are just that. Once the media outlets began running with the story, I suspect that Google felt some pressure to get their blog updated. Now, I say that half joking – because let’s face the facts… Mailing out comic books to influential technology authors is hardly an accident.

Here are some of the more prominent stories I’ve come across on the announcement of Chrome:

Screenshots of Google Chrome
Techcrunch published some screenshots of Google Chrome earlier today…

Google Chrome Browser Screenshots

What’s Next?
There will certainly be a frenzy surrounding Chrome on Tuesday morning once everyone begins their Beta downloads and users begin to experience Chrome first hand. In the meantime, stay tuned to Search Engine Journal and other media outlets for more information.

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42 thoughts on “Google’s Chrome Browser: What You Need to Know

  1. Can’t wait to try it out myself. Google always puts a great deal of quality into their products and I expect this one to be fantastic.

    Besides, it provides more competition for Microsoft. If there was a company that needs a kick in the pants it is them. Especially after the Vista debacle.

  2. I disagree strongly to the Vista comment, I personally love Vista. I do hate Microsoft though, everything else they do fails miserably. I hope Google’s Chrome destroys those Microsofties stock. Bill Gates should die in a ditch along with the rest of his pitiful company. Long live Steve Jobs!!!!

  3. That’s just like people, ungrateful. If you’re not running another system you’re running Microsoft Windows or Vista. I can remember running DOS. We’ve come a long way and Microsoft helped get us here. Only those that are new to computer systems would knock Microsoft which we’ve had for decades. There’s plenty of Browers, that’s good, but the Microsoft operating system is one of a kind and I use it exclusively.

  4. I would be very anxious if I would work for the Mozilla Foundation. Is there still future for Firefox besides this new browser?
    So I think it is much more dangerous for Firefox than Microsoft.

  5. I cant wait to try this browser out. Google always comes to the party with something great. I wonder if it will be any faster than Firefox?

  6. Mozilla has recently renewed its agreement with Google and the agreement is extended till 2011. But still does Google Chrome affects Firefox and keep it in toes?

  7. A refreshing new take on browsing, anything would be better than that boring old IE antique dressed up in modern clothes!

  8. To someone who commented above about Microsoft bringing us from DOS to Windows…

    Yes it is nice to be free from the dark ages of DOS but Windows only wins cos there is no decent alternative.

    I’m waiting with baited breath for Google to get its ass into OS development. Oh boy!

    Waiting for Chrome baby, yeah!

  9. Oh dear. It looks like I’m going to have to give up Firefox. This looks great! Faster, easier to use… I just hope that there are some good extensions.

  10. It kills me that Microsoft sneaks updates to see if you’ve paid for your version of Windows. Can’t even download IE8 without MS checking your version….it makes me crazy, I bought my PC with windows already loaded……. now with Googles new browser I don’t ever have to download IE8….and I’m sure Google will come out with their version of an OS…..see where that got you Microsoft…..greed

  11. First impressions, it is a simple and fast browser. As mentioned without extensions it will not beat Firefox. It beats IE (hands down) but the challenge remains that most users will not search out a new browser. They will just stick with what comes on their machines.

  12. @Matt Dionne: But think about it – Google has a huge user base which Mozilla/Safari didn’t have. They can advertise on their services, and get lots of everyday users.

  13. Hi,
    I downloaded the new google chrome browser. it is super fast. it has never carshed so far…….I hope it would be the best when it comes out of the beta version…

    Santhosh Thomas K

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    enjoy hope you can make it 7 Pm Eastern standard time.

  15. I’ve been reading hyperbole-laden claims about Google Chrome this morning, including what Google had to say about it. Chrome will be a better browser, no doubt, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s definitely not a challenge to Microsoft’s operating system business, nor is it the second coming of Jesus Christ.

    1. While Chrome has lots of operating-system-like features, it doesn’t support a native API of it’s own. Moreover, since it’s designed to run web applications better rather than allow developers to build new kinds of web applications, it doesn’t appear possible for a developer to design an application that exploits some native feature of Chrome that will cause everyone to decide that they have to become Chrome users. The fact that there’s no application “pull-through” effect eliminates a compelling reason that users might have for switching from their current browser.
    2. A major function of an operating system is to abstract and manage hardware for the developer. One of the many reasons Microsoft Windows is so successful is the sheer breadth of hardware it supports. Chrome doesn’t know anything about the underlying hardware. Period. In fact, it relies on Windows to know about the hardware. You still need an operating system to run Chrome.
    3. Distribution. Oh yeah, Microsoft has that one locked up with their PC OEM channel. Google, if they were really planning to compete for the OS, would actually have to build an OS in order to satisfy the demands of these customers.