New Gmail Shortcut : Delete Email Messages

Amit Agarwal has unearthed a new shortcut for Google’s Gmail which lets users instantly Trash a mail by hitting the “#” button (shift-3).

The user can also select multiple emails and do a mass delete by using this shortcut. For some reason, the GMail delete shortcut is not listed on the GMail Shortcuts page:

Google GMail Shortcuts

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker

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6 thoughts on “New Gmail Shortcut : Delete Email Messages

  1. Remember when Gmail launched, the delete button was only accessible through drop down menu. Firefox extension was made to add Delete button. Soon after Gmail added their own.

  2. When i click on the username box, i have a bunch of email addresses and usernames. How can i clear all my gmail addresses from the logon box?

  3. but what about if after i delete the email i want gmail to open to the next mail. any shortcut keys or settings for that? thanks.