Collection of Greasemonkey Scripts for SEOs

Last week I listed some cool Greasemonkey scripts for Google search. This week I am following up with some great scripts SEOs will be interested in (you will need to install Greasemonkey extension to use them):

  • View External Nofollow” adds 2 columns to Google Webmaster Tools table: Nofollow flag (’Yes’/’No’) and the linking page PR. The tools also by default deletes the lines with the nofollow attribute or with the non-existent links and show you only “valid” links and thus saves much of your time.

View External Nofollow

Social media metrics

(or add only Digg count with this one)

Export To Google Docs from Google Analytics

Quick tip: you can install this FireFox addon that combines all best Google Analytics Greasemonkey scripts.

Ann Smarty
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Ann Smarty

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15 thoughts on “Collection of Greasemonkey Scripts for SEOs

  1. Ann

    Awesome list as always.

    For some reason I can’t see the “Keyword Trends in Google Analytics” in a single analytics profile I check.

    Am I just being blind?

  2. hello ann,
    i want the auto clicker scripts for
    please mail me

  3. Does anybody know a greasemonkey script that simply displays the position ranking of webpage in the SERP of google?

    Imagine I display 100 result per search, I search for a website and I want to know its exact position: #67 for instance..