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4 thoughts on “Why Your Business Should be on Instagram

  1. Instagram is a great platform for businesses! It’s even great for local SEO because it lets you tag a location. If a business is food or clothing related, Instagram is crucial because when customers are in your store they’ll be able to post a picture of your product and tag the location. Their followers will see their post and it’s like free advertising!

  2. Good stuff. A couple thoughts to add. I hope you don’t mind.

    1) Loved the section: Online Presence and SEO Rankings.

    If you can get that bit printed up poster size so it can be sent to potential clients, that would be great. So many it seems are still locked in the 20th century, eh?

    2) It might be wise to add a disclaimer (?) section about not all platforms are right for all brands / target markets. I know that typically that goes without saying. On the other hand, it still might be worth, at the very least, discussing Instagram’s sweet spot, or not so sweet spots.

  3. Evidently your comment form get a bit wonky on long comments. I had to split mine into two parts :)

    2.5) That said, experimenting and familiarity are important. Kudos to you for the inspiration.

    3) Finally, what’s nice about Instagram is the speed and simplicity. Take photo. Tag it. Done. It’s not trying to distill an idea into 140-ish characters. It’s not “Oh gawd, what do we put on the FB page today.” It’s 60 seconds. Pretty much everyone has 60 second, yes.

  4. Instagram is a great platform for businesses! Specially with SEO in 2014 & go on … Almost let us see its powerfull in the next years