Blog Design That Rocks SEO

You’ve committed yourself to blogging on a consistent basis.  The copy is readable, informative, and rich with important keywords.  You are writing all of the right stuff for your blog, so why isn’t it ranking better?

Great SEO isn’t just about giving the search bots enough keyword rich text to crawl.  Is the design of your blog helping or hindering other important ranking factors?

Check out this infographic for 15 blog design factors that can take your blog’s SEO from good to KILLER!

Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle is the co-host of the popular Social Media discussion group #SocialChat, blogger, and Social Media Advocate/Consultant +Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson Ross

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2 thoughts on “Blog Design That Rocks SEO

  1. Hey Michelle
    Great IG here, agree with a lot of the points you have made, especially search box, navigation and linking to the best content. One question from the above though, how do you get around using infographics in posts that are essentially one large image and get them to rank well in SEO?

    Be great to hear what you think, I know that IG’s are virally great and get shared a lot especially the good ones, so be good to hear your feedback on those that don’t turn into social shared superstars…

  2. I am going to start a blog. that is wonderful and just in time for me.
    Recently, I heard lots of about typography. An awesome typography blog/website can tie the users and rock SEO. Do you have any ideas on this? Thanks a lots.
    Btw, that is a great post.