Bing Driven Ad Click Thru Rate 55% More than Google

According to data from the Chitika Ad network (since when did Chitika publicly become a data mining and reporting property?), Microsoft Bing driven users click on ads on 3rd party sites at a much higher click thru rate than both Yahoo & Google.

The study seems to have been put together specifically for coverage on TechCrunch, so let’s look at some of the numbers shared by Erick Schonfeld :

Chitika looked at the clickthrough rates from 32 million ad impressions across its network of more than 50,000 sites in a week in July. Visitors from Bing clicked on an ad 1.5 percent of the time on average, versus a 0.97 percent clickthrough rate for Google visitors and a 1.24 percent clickthrough rate for Yahoo.

Of course, Bing only has a search engine market share of about 8%, and Bing users may be just getting accustomed to the format, but these numbers may further explain why a Yahoo Microsoft Deal is even more important and makes so much sense, as the two search engines do attract similar audiences because of their content networks and would combine for a 30% market share if Yahoo were to power its search via Bing.

Post Yahoo deal, given the increase in 3rd party CTR% and other numbers, one would think that a centralized Microsoft Ad Serving system across Yahoo, Bing & MSN aligned properties would be an easy sell… especially with Yahoo serving ads on the sites which it sometimes directs users to, for example via the Newspaper consortium.

One question which comes to my mind about this data is, CTR is nice … but what about the conversions?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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13 thoughts on “Bing Driven Ad Click Thru Rate 55% More than Google

  1. Not saying that this information isn’t useful or valid. But I think an important factor to take into accounts is that the volume of searches on Google are so much bigger than that of any other search engine that the fact that their CTR is 0.53% lower than Bing isn’t that big of a deal.

  2. Well it may be true on the whole, but not a lot of people are using Bing to search.

    Of course I do not want to discount Bing although its a new search engine.

    Another area to look at is the country. Different country has different usage of search engines. They all have their own preferences. So I must say that to use all three or even the smaller search engines are still very important.

  3. Ofcourse Bing offers more click thru rate than Google bcz its been new launched by Microsoft and probably want to hold its position in Search Engine market, that’s why offering more than other search engines.

  4. You’re very mistaken. It’s not talking about search engine ad click through rates. Instead, it’s talking about once you land on a site FROM one of the search engines what is the click through rate. “…we thought we’d take a closer look at the clickthrough rates of visitors from the three major search players…”. Keyword is “from.”

  5. Having managed hundreds of sites and dozens of PPC client accounts since 2001 across a wide variety of business markets, I’ve consistently found the conversion quality from MSFT and Yahoo to be very low compared to Google.

    That used to cause me confusion til I sat down with Yahoo’s northwestern US sales director and got some insight into their users. I will not go into that here because it would really offend some people as to what I learned.

    I’ll just leave it at the fact that for the type of business clients I serve, I encourage them to put most of their PPC money into Google.

  6. Very deceiving use of words. Loren needs a catchy headline for people to read her letter. Bing is small and counts for 8% website searches. Google commands 70%percent of the searches. Of course the click would be higher on a site with a lower percent of searches. This article is a waste of reading and even my replying back.

  7. If we are talking about “search”, Google is the king.
    If we are talking about “search engine ads”, Google is the king.