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A Wide Smile in Search – Funny SEO Moments

One of the basic issues I am facing with my career is that, when people ask me in general what I do and I reply “SEO,” they give me that strange look and ask what is SEO? And then I have to start the Wikipedia definition of SEO all over again.

SEOs spend lots of time on research and experiments and with that it’s hard to find time for anything outside their work but this never means SEOs don’t laugh – they do.

Actually in my opinion SEOs have a great sense of humor as well. So let’s take a look at the thing which is most likely to bring a quick smile on your face.

Funny SEO Moments:

One of the first few lines of Jennifer Slegg’s Bio graphy on “I write stuff…. And I accept payment in lattes” Jennifer Slegg’s page.

Barry Schwartz‘s response to “What Would You Do If You Inherited SEOmoz?

“I would hire Rand look-alikes and use them for a high-class escort service. Of course, I would need to keep Rand on for 3 to 6 months, as part of his agreement to sell SEOmoz, so that he can train the Rand look-alikes.”

Kristi Hines Contact page: You can contact me on ….. And Lastly, I work for an Internet marketing company, so I don’t need SEO or link building services.

Jeremy Shoemaker story:

One time while my wife was a resident we attended some work shindig for her… one of her a****le staff doctors asked me what I did. I said that I made websites. He kind of snickered and said ohh can you make any money at that? I said, “Well while sleeping tonight I will probably make more then you will working all week…

Ooo! That’s bad but funny!

I don’t enjoy Rand because he is physically attractive (though he is, I’m not blind), I enjoy his presence because there’s something very endearing about a passionate dork who plays with transformers. Lisa Barone

Funny SEO in Pictures:

Description: More uses of the Nofollow tag

LOL! No Follow!

Search Engine Friendly Birthday Card

A Search Engine Friendly Birthday Card. Happy Birthday!


Social Media is taking over!

Funny SEO Videos:

Matt Cutts Addressing to Webmasters J Matt is one of my fav. Personality but this video is simply hilarious.

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  1. the comments section here adds more fun…guess people no longer express themselves these day …they just tweet like a parrot…lol…

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    1. lol yeah the Birthday card was really funny though i like the cat part… sleeping is no good you cant have more followers if you sleep 20 hors a day :p

      Thanks for the appreciation Alyn