14 Places To Spot Popular Trends – What’s Hot Where and When?

A number of search engines and web portals track world’s hottest trends and get updated on a regular basis (instantly, daily or weekly):

What’s HOT in search?

  • Google hottest trends (updates throughout the day);
  • Yahoo buzz allows to see the daily buzz score (=”the percentage of Yahoo! users searching for that subject multiplied by a constant to make the number easier to read“) and the move (i.e. how fast this has become popular):

Yahoo buzz

What’s HOT around social media?

Twitscoop: hot Twitter trends

What’s HOT in blogosphere?

Blogpulse: hot keywords

What’s HOT in eCommerce?

  • Amazon tag cloud = which tags Amazon customers use to classify products;
  • EBay pulse = popular eBay searches.

What’s HOT everywhere?

  • SEOmoz popular searches aggregate data from most sources mentioned above (Google trends, Yahoo buzz, Technorati, etc).
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Ann Smarty

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14 thoughts on “14 Places To Spot Popular Trends – What’s Hot Where and When?

  1. Thanks for the refresher course on trends and mapping out what is popular. It seems that sometimes, we don’t even know why things are popular, they just are.

    However, knowing where to look for those popular, money-making terms is so essential and most don’t know how to use the data gathered, so thanks :)


  2. This is a great list; all in one place. Thanks a lot. I had been looking for a list of trend websites! Should give me a good idea on what to write about