100 Million Actively Use #Instagram Every Month

Yesterday, Instagram Co-founder, Kevin Systrom, announced that the photo sharing app is now in the hands of 100 million active monthly users.  The company has come a long way in a very short time.


When Systrom and co-founder Mike Krieger started out with the idea, they were just two guys at rented desks in San Francisco.  In a touching blog post, Systrom recalls those early days.  He shares the moment in a freezing cold office just after the launch of Instagram, when they first realized they really had something and saw the power of shared images.  Since then, they’ve made a place for themselves on both iOS and the Android operating system, and made many of those at Instagram very wealthy with the sale to Facebook.

Even though Instagram is now part of the Facebook family, Systrom is still running the show.  He had this to say about Instagram:

Images have the ability to connect people from all backgrounds, languages and cultures. They connect us to aid workers halfway across the world in Sudan, to entrepreneurs in San Francisco and even to events in our own backyards. Instagram, as a tool to inspire and connect, is only as powerful as the community it is made of. For this reason, we feel extremely lucky to have the chance to build this with all of you. So from our team to the hundred million people who call Instagram home, we say thank you. Thank you for sharing your world and inspiring us all to do the same.

With 100 million people actively visiting, posting, and sharing on Instagram, do you think this would be a viable avenue to reach out to your target audience?  Chances are that you will find plenty of people that love what you do.  How will you work visual marketing into your business mix?

Image Credit: Instagram

Michelle Stinson Ross
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Michelle Stinson Ross
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8 thoughts on “100 Million Actively Use #Instagram Every Month

  1. I think they have a great product and now it just needs to get monetized. i personally have used it (and still do) to monitor a ton of people. You’d be surprised what people will post about, who they are connected to and what information you can gather from that alone.

    1. I love another point Systrom made. Pictures transcend language and cultural barriers. I think a nonverbal medium like this absolutely allows us to make connections that would not be possible otherwise.

    1. Nothing at all wrong with that age group! There are tons of products from video games, to sneakers, to clothing, and food that is marketed to that age group. Teenagers have buying power in certain segments.

  2. 100 Million monthly active users is certainly a magical number for Instagram with it user base just spreading on ios and android. A smartphone app on windows and blackberry, a mobile web app for other smartphone users will certainly imply that this number is yet to rise.