10 Social Media Accounts You Can Learn From

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If it seems like everyone is on some sort of social media outlet, that assumption may not be far off. As of September 2013, 73% of adults online are on social networks. Because most social media networks are free and can reach a large audience, it’s no wonder that people and companies have increased their presence on social media.

The thing is, not every social media outlet is the same. Each network has a different message and audience. For example, just because MTV has a large following on Twitter, doesn’t mean that it would find the same success on LinkedIn. This is why you need to find out where a majority of your audience is spending time. If not, all of your hard work is for nothing.

Once you’ve figured out the best social media network to deliver your message and reach your intended audience, it’s time to create a personality. You could be more humorous, like Oreo, or you could be more straightforward, like GE. But, if you’re still trying to figure that part out, consider the approach of the following 10 accounts on their preferred social media network of choice.

How To Market Your Horse Business (Facebook)

199741_10151175121380804_710722994_nImage Source: How To Market Your Horse Business/Facebook

Despite the fact that Facebook may be plateauing among teens, it remains the most popular social network in the world. For example, in the United States alone, 57% of people are on Facebook. And 64% of users visit the site on a daily basis. So, it’s not surprising that Facebook is a valuable resource. But, how can you find your own voice without getting lost in the crowd?

One of the most inspiring accounts in How To Market Your Horse Business.

The page was founded in 2010 by Randi Thompson, a 35-year veteran in the industry. Since then, the Facebook page has received the following accolades: 2012 Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Facebook Business Page, being featured as “9 Businesses Doing Facebook Right”, “5 Facebook Pages We All Aspire to” from Social Cycle, “Top 10 Facebook Designs to Inspire You” from Jeff Bullas, a Finalist in Mari Smith’s Great Facebook Timeline Cover Contest and “Top 10 Most Informative” from the Equestrian Social Media Awards.

The reason that you could learn from this Facebook page is because it found it’s niche and offers advice from an industry leader. On top of that, the page does an excellent job of engaging users, responds to posts, effectively uses contests, and shares quality content relevant to their audience. And, the page does a perfect job of branding itself visually – check out the cover photo and the motto, both are horse and marketing related.

This page may not be the most popular, but it does everything right when it comes to Facebook.

Taco Bell (Twitter)

2014-04-22 16_15_38-Twitter _ TacoBell_ @OldSpice Is your deodorant ...Screenshot of Taco Bell Twitter on 4/22/14

With over 190 million unique visitors per month, Twitter is arguably the second most popular social media network in the world. But, with some 58 million tweets being sent everyday, how can you get yours noticed?

We’ve mentioned Taco Bell’s Twitter campaign before and the fast food chain has definitely earned their reputation. Why? Because it’s lighthearted and comical. While a lot of social media accounts do that, Taco Bell does it to perfection. For example, instead of getting offended by users, Taco Bell responds with a witty comeback. And, they’re pretty solid at engaging followers as well as other brands like Old Spice. But, that can only take you so far. What else does Taco Bell on Twitter that’s so awesome?

The brand also knows how to properly use hashtags, promote new products and have fun with holidays or any other events. That’s not even getting into some other important tactics, like understanding their niche, connecting with influencers , realizing the power of images and not being afraid to create content for Vine and Snapchat. It’s no wonder that Taco Bell received Ad Age’s coveted Marketer of the Year Award for 2013.

AppleOne (LinkedIn)

As you should know by now, LinkedIn has become the world’s professional network online with more than 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories. With that in mind, the approach to LinkedIn is going to be slightly different from Facebook or Twitter.

AppleOne, an employment company founded in 1964, is a great example of how to create and manage a LinkedIn page. For example, AppleOne excels at including rich media and images. This definitely makes their page stand out whenever they share an article and the high quality images grab your attention. Also, AppleOne has an effective profile that explains what the company does, services offered, and a simple but effective mission statement.

In fact, AppleOne was included in the Best LinkedIn Company Pages 2013.

Blue Bottle (Instagram)

10011490_431691233632880_578757710_nImage Source: Blue Bottle/Instagram

Instagram is another social media network that can be beneficial to your brand, specifically if you rely on images. Like every other social media outlet, there’s a ton of competition. Instagram currently has 200 million active users who share 60 million pictures a day.

One brand that really gets the idea of Instagram is the Blue Bottle Cafe. Instagram works for them because it allows them to showcase their products like pastries and lattes with incredible designs. Instead of just showing followers the products, they get personal. Blue Bottle also shares candid shots of employees and the cafe itself. This approach gives us a better idea of who the people involved with Blue Bottle and how they make those amazing caffeinated treats. That personal connection is enough to make people walk into their cafe and order a cup of joe.

Travel Channel (Pinterest)

0d57778fad3221a4ac497cbbe324407dImage Source: Travel Channel/Pinterest

Like Instagram, Pinterest is another image-based social network. However, Pinterest has been getting a ton of buzz recently. The outlet has over 70 million users who check out pages 2.5 billion times per month. Because this is an image-based service, anything surrounding food, DIY projects or travel are popular topics.

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  1. Social Media Marketing sure is a lot of fun. :) Taco Bell does such a good job at it that I actually follow them. Something important though that you have to consider when starting your campaign is having a strong following (or faking it). If you don’t already have a big following of people, potential new followers are turned off.

  2. I’ve had the best success with Twitter so far … quick and easy to organize contacts with lists and keep up with them.

  3. Indeed, strong social media presence is one of the top to do list of a marketer. And we marketers sometimes filled with burning ideas and excitement we forgot to choose which social media platform is appropriate for our desired audiences. Thanks for providing complete information about these different social media platforms. :)

  4. Great article. Thanks Al…

    This is all getting to be a full time job. I spend more and more time on social media sites… sometimes it truly does get to be overwhelming. But it so powerful, it needs to be given the proper attention.

    All tips and tricks are welcome (like those in your article).

    ~ Louie

    P.S. – Love the Taco Bell tweet !