Zuula : One Site to Search Them All

Zuula is a meta search engine that presents information from multiple engines in a neat tabbed format. Its more of a portal to perform extensive search when a wide array of sources are necessary to be researched.

A quote from the Zuulablog

The beauty of Zuula is that, on those occasions when you want to use other search engines in addition to your favorite search engine, you can do so with just a few simple clicks of your mouse.

You don’t have to type in another web address. You don’t have to re-type your search … multiple times. You just click the “Yahoo” tab at Zuula, for example, and Voilà!, you can see the results from Yahoo.

The meta search engine provides separate searches for blogs, news, images and jobs. The tabs can be rearranged and advanced search options can also be enabled. Zuula makes a good starting point for research. Presently a number of vertical search oriented engines are making their way and in the future perhaps meta search engines such as Zuula could well make it easy for users to change from one engine to another based on the context of the content.

Also, with the social networking and personalization trend catching on, meta search engine stand to gain a lot by forming communities around search portals.

Zuula returns results from the top engines for the designated categories. A single portal access to those for whom Google or Yahoo alone is not relevant.

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8 thoughts on “Zuula : One Site to Search Them All

  1. Thank you, Arun, for mentioning Zuula. I’m glad you found it useful.

    Your readers may be interested to learn that we just launched today a few major upgrades to Zuula. First, Zuula now includes video search, providing video search results from nine different sites, including Youtube, Metacafe, IFilm, and Dailymotion.

    Second, we’ve launched the Zuula toolbar for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. And, lastly, we’ve added another blog search engine, Blogdimension, to our blog search options.

    We hope you and your readers enjoy the new features.

    Happy Holidays!