Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 9/5/2012

BoostCTR 250x250 Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 9/5/2012I’m excited to announce that CopyBlogger and Search Engine Journal will be partnering to bring you a webinar about the updates to Scribe, their content optimizing plugin for WordPress. Make sure to sign up and see how to use this powerful tool! Have a good one!

Penguin/Panda Proof Your Sites and Explode Your Business

Sept. 5, 3 p.m. EST
Presenter: Troy Broussard
Cost: Free

Description: It’s time to quit chasing your tail, REACTING to every Panda and Penguin update under the sun wondering what to do next. It’s time to take control of your site and your business. What if you could simply ignore all of the Panda/Penguin nonsense, and instead focus your efforts on building sites that have a proven track record of getting lots of Google love, all with far less effort than all of the silly SEO tricks d’jour you’ve been devouring?


The Easy Webinar Video System

Sept. 11 , 8 p.m. EST
Presenter: Casey Zeman
Cost: Free

Description: Come and learn the true secrets to driving big traffic with YouTube, and then converting that traffic with what Casey calls the easy webinar video system! After you see this webinar, you’ll be able to apply these exact same techniques to your business to replicate Casey’s $300,000-dollar-a-year business with YouTube.


Powerful SEO Strategies for #1 Google Rankings

Sept. 13, 2 p.m. EST
Presenter: Michael Fleischner,
Cost: Free

Description: Google reportedly drives nearly 70 percent of all organic traffic to websites and blogs. Are you benefiting?—only if you’re in the top search results for targeted keywords. What are you doing to optimize your website?


How to Create a Content Marketing Plan That Works

Sept. 13, 2 p.m. EST
Presenter: Arnie Kuenn and Vertical Measures
Cost: Free

Description: In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The rise of content marketing
  • How to put together your content strategy
  • How to conduct research for compelling content ideas
  • Types of content you should focus on for your business
  • Putting together a plan
  • Where to find the best content marketing resources

Also, if you attend this webinar, you will learn how to get a free copy of Accelerate!, the content marketing how-to book by Arnie Kuenn.


Content Optimization Made Simple

Sept. 26, 3 p.m. EST
Presenter: Sean Jackson (CopyBlogger) and Laura Cruz (Search Engine Journal)
Cost: Free

Description: If there’s anything we’ve learned from the Panda and Penguin updates, it’s that solid, optimized content that will always win. Scribe Content was created to help creators publish search engine-friendly content that works. But rather than just TELL you about everything Scribe can do, Search Engine Journal is partnering with CopyBlogger Media to host a live webinar to SHOW you how it can work for you!


How to Master LinkedIn for Marketing

First two courses are on demand, last course is on Sept. 27 , 2 p.m. EST
Presenter: Scott Engelman (Director of Online Marketing at LinkedIn) and Mike Volpe (CMO at HubSpot)
Cost: Free

Description: LinkedIn is 277 percent better for lead generation than other social networks. Wow! If your marketing runs on lead generation, you’ve got to be using LinkedIn to its fullest potential.


Upcoming Industry Conferences
Sept. 10-12
Denver, CO
More Info

Digital World Expo
Sept. 27-29
Las Vegas, NV
More Info

Oct. 9-10
Chicago, IL
More Info

Conversion Conference
Oct. 9-10
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
More Info

ac40923cefae9c86952eee2ea93075a5 64 Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 9/5/2012

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ac40923cefae9c86952eee2ea93075a5 64 Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 9/5/2012

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