Using Social Media As A Public Relations Tool: Interview With Allie Freeland

As part of our SEJ interview series, Allie Freeland of iAcquire discusses the opportunities available to businesses in using social media as a public relations tool.

Allie is the Director of Public Relations at iAcquire. She began working in traditional PR and has recently seen her career take a dramatic shift towards digital PR, which she attributes to the convergence of SEO, social media and content.

In this video Allie talks about how businesses can leverage digital mediums to get their message out and create greater brand awareness.

Hear what she has to say in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • In order to get away from the “spray and pray” method of message distribution used in traditional PR, Allie recommends taking advantage of the influencer outreach opportunities provided by social media.
  • Allie suggests Twitter as being a particularly effective social network for connecting with journalists and other writers who can publish content about your business.
  • A stronger focus on content marketing is also an effective way to earn media exposure. Allie and the team at iAcquire have been working hard lately to make this a core part of their business.

If you have any questions after watching the video, please ask them in the comments section and I will do my best to respond to everyone! Please visit SEJ’s YouTube page for more video interviews.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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5 thoughts on “Using Social Media As A Public Relations Tool: Interview With Allie Freeland

  1. Well and using social media for PR, especially franchise PR, you can generate news and promos in a second as well as defend yourself in a second. There really is no downside to using social media for public relations.

  2. i think this is very important information for every one.Best approach and very beneficial for every one.Corporation relation is compulsory for every person.Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. Thanks for sharing this video. The “spray and pray” method may be a more traditional method, but social media influencers may be more effective.