Test and Analyze On-Page Links with LinkSidebar

LinkSidebar is a useful FireFox addon that allows to view, search and test hyperlinks in a web page.

Let’s give it a test drive, shall we?

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to actually open the sidebar after the installation. It turned out I should have used the shortcut key [Ctrl+Shift+L] or the view menu (View->Sidebar->Links).

LinkSidebar allows the user to:

  • See all hyperlinks in the current web page, including any hyperlinks inside frames;
  • See the total number of hyperlinks in the current webpage.

Link sidebar

Clicking on each link in the sidebar will open the page in a new tab.

You can customize the columns to show the anchor text of each link, its URL and domain:


You can search a handy SEARCH option to filter on-page links by a keyword:


Two handy advanced search operators are supported:

  • You can use quotes to find the exact phrase.
  • You can use a minus (-) sign before any word to exclude links containing that word from the results.

For example, to search for all the links to youtube videos except videos of cats, type “youtube -cats” in the search box.

Further on, you can select links in the list (to select many links hold CTRL and click the links you want to select) to be able to:

  1. Highlight them on the page;
  2. Test them:

Link sidebar

To summarize, the addon allows to:

  • Search the links in the current webpage (to find / filter links by a keyword in the URL path and anchor text);
  • Select multiple links to open in tabs or copy locations for all selected links;
  • Test links in the webpage, filtering out unwanted links with quick and easy searches;
  • Highlight selected link on a page.
Ann Smarty
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Ann Smarty

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