SES Talkback Preview

10:30 – 11:30am: Understanding the Mobile Customer Journey

Jason Wells, CEO ContactPoint, Twitter

1. Tell us about your first SES conference experience. When was it and what did you take away from it?

My first time speaking at an SES conference was at SES New York earlier this year, just before we launched LogMyCalls. And honestly, my first impression was that this is a very, very sharp, intelligent and cutting edge crowd. It was invigorating to be with a group of people that are simply trying to optimize their SEM, SEO, and mobile marketing.

I attended a number of sessions at SES New York (in addition to my own) and then again at SES Toronto. The speakers are top-notch and the information is very useful.

If you’ve never been to an SES show, you should definitely come to San Francisco.

2. Without giving too much away before the conference, what is meant by the ‘Mobile Customer Journey’?

Well, there are a few different elements involved. First, our data shows clearly that mobile marketers really don’t understand how to engage with mobile users. Marketers are still trying to generate form fill-outs for lead gen or lengthy product descriptions on a mobile device. That just doesn’t work. What does work? Phone calls, video and maps. Those are the things people want to do on their mobile phone.

We’re going to talk about generating mobile customer response, optimizing mobile, mobile analytics and everything else in between.

And, keep in mind, this is the first SES Talkback session SES has ever done. It is going to be more informal, more discussion-based and more focused on helping the attendees. If attendees want to take the discussion a certain way, that’s the way it will go.

3. What would you say the fundamental differences between Mobile Marketing and Other Online Marketing.


I know that’s an easy answer, but in many ways it is true. For example, online marketers are measuring CTR, landing page conversion rates, abandon rates, etc. On the other hand, mobile marketers need to track phone calls, call analytics and close rates.

The fundamental thing to remember with mobile marketing is this: mobile marketing is about driving response—especially phone calls. When someone finds you via mobile they enter the sales funnel at a significantly lower spot. They are ready to buy (or, at the very least, ready to talk to a real person). Keep in mind, Google says that 61% of local mobile searches result in a phone call. That means more businesses are going to get more phone calls. And that’s a good thing! Phone calls convert 15 to 20 times more frequently than web leads.

4. >Why did you decide to leave Sony and to work for ContactPoint?

At Sony Pictures I oversaw all international mobile marketing. From that vantage point, you get to see a lot of the opportunity and potential mobile marketing has. I was particularly impressed by call activity we were seeing in certain parts of the world—Finland for example. It is one of the leading, cutting edge mobile markets in the world. I looked at that and saw a lot of potential with phone calls generated by mobile marketing.

ContactPoint was in a position to introduce real call metrics of data that matter to demand generation advertisers. It was early at the time, but I love to be in on the cutting edge of new technologies…especially new technologies that have the potential to change mobile marketing. So I jumped! And now we are rockin’ and rollin’. Things are going great just 3 months into our LogMyCalls launch. I love it!

5. What session are you most looking forward to and why?

I’m actually moderating another session called ‘Mobile Marketing Tactics’ on Tuesday, August 14 at 11:45. There are some major heavy hitters in the industry talking about mobile at that session. I’ll be guiding the discussion. I’ve seen some of the presos the panelists are going to present. It will be very good.

1:30 – 2:30pm: How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

John Rampton, Founder, Blog, Twitter, Google +

1. Tell us about your first SES conference experience. When was it and what did you take away from it?

This is actually my first every SES conference. I have been to several other industry conferences but this is my first SES conference.

2. What is this ‘next level’ that you are going to be discussing come SES SF?

I’m going to be discussing some of the key points of blogging. Basically, how to take your blog to the next level. I have been a pro blogger through the years, starting several blogs, blogging for companies like SEJ, SEWatch, my PPC blog as well as learning how bloggers work with

I’m going to go through the steps of why a company needs a blog, how to promote it, how to get engagement, and how to get customers from it.

Justin Stein
Justin Stein is one of the first, Second Generation Online Marketers. His father Jonah Stein is a literal giant within the SEO industry. Justin began his career working at BlueGlass Interactive with industry leaders like Dave Synder, Greg Boser & Loren Baker. Before Sending 2 years with ROIworks, a PPC agency working in the heart of San Francisco.Justin has a broad range of experience providing PPC & SEO growth for Non Profits, B2B services and eCommerce organizations. In addition to bid management, Justin specializes in data analysis, process development and analytical reporting for his clients.Outside of PPC, Justin enjoys new technology, startups, user research and has a passion for Gamification.
Justin Stein