SEO Is A Team Sport – Part 1

Over the years I’ve had the curse blessing to participate on several ginormous substantial nightmare web projects that have involved several control freaks participants.  Inevitably in this chaotic maelstrom process, the role of the SEO guru specialist has called for my God given slowly evolved talent at underhanded manipulation diplomacy and self-eye gouging patience.  And with every new train wreck project, I suffer inconsolably learn a bit more.

In every one a few of my previous Pulitzer Prize quality articles I’ve repleatedly at least briefly mentioned the need to disregard other peoples views step into other peoples shoes when creating another masterpiece working on another boring project  so that we, the only intelligent people in the room people entrusted with the only aspect of web work that matters SEO responsibility, can pretend their perspective is relevant truly succeed.

Here then, are some of the court jesters various players in the birthing process lacking medication web development life cycle and why we need to begrudgingly step into their shoes in order to show we care even when we don’t achieve maximum results.

The Site Owner

By the time a web project kicks off, the person who thinks they’re a genius site owner is completely clueless filled with hope and trust, which comes as a result of the fact that they really don’t have a clue they’ve made a significant financial commitment.   And if you yourself have ever gambled with money you shouldn’t have made a serious financial commitment, it’s easy to think back on that time and grasp how foolishly psychologically you’ve then gone into a state of make believe faith.  Faith that you haven’t blown your food money you’ve made the right decision.

Since site owners stupidly think SEO is easy don’t fully grasp the challenges we face in overcoming thousands of black-hat code monkeys getting their site ranked for several highly competitive keywords, we need to treat them like little girls named Suzy be patient with them when we shake them awake explain what they’re up against, because that faith is fragile, and a client that realizes how foolish their original expectations were becomes the cowardly lion afraid they made a mistake is completely worthless a client unwilling to allow us to do our work fully.

The Account Manager

Whether you work for a 3 ring circus an agency as one of the clowns in the phone booth an employee or overpaid employee who can come and go whenever you want outside consultant, or you’re stuck in a job that never changes and long ago became so routine you hate Monday mornings an in-house SEO, there’s going to be a money hungry lunatic with the power to fire you someone at the senior management level who is even more clueless than the client ultimately in charge and stands between you and the client.  This person will inevitably cause you untold grief be the account manager.

Account managers constantly have a tendency to promise the moon over-promise on what can be achieved because they know it will make everyone on the team cry they want to get the contract, and they want to make as big a commission as possible ensure the client is always happy. This generally means that from the beginning, you have to have eyes in the back of your head you need to ensure that you get your way at all costs you’re involved in the project at every step of the way, and that only your goals matter realistic goals are communicated.  You’ll also need to be prepared with several lies and half-truths options for those times when you have to give the lion some raw meat something that was promised by the account manager can’t be achieved.

The Graphic Designer

Alan Bleiweiss
Alan Bleiweiss is a Forensic SEO audit consultant with audit client sites consisting of upwards of 50 million pages and tens of millions of visitors a month. A noted industry speaker, author and blogger, his posts are quite often as much controversial as they are thought provoking.
Alan Bleiweiss

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12 thoughts on “SEO Is A Team Sport – Part 1

  1. Hahaha. Alan, That was pretty clever. When I looked away from my screen at my window, all I could see where lines so I guess I won't have to worry about buying them expensive blinds my wife picked out.

    Good I rundown throughout and I laugh because it's true.

  2. Great read! Hillarious and painstakingly real! We're at an interesting crossroads as SEO professionals…the clients have no idea what we're doing. Like television and print ad's boom during the 60s, SEO marketing is a new way to spend on marketing and the clients are in left field on how it works. Brilliant look at the inner workings of an SEO company!

  3. Mike,

    All I can say is – don't bother sending me the bill you get from the eye doctor – with all my strike-through articles there's an unwritten disclaimer that says I'm not responsible for vision problems after! :-)


    Thanks for the comments. I don't know if clients will ever truly understand SEO, at least not as long as so many others in the web industry don't. So one of my biggest challenges is to help educate them first and foremost. Glad you enjoyed this little labor of love!