Remembering Steve Jobs One Year Later

Today marks the passing of the most influential technological innovator of this generation. One year ago today, Steve Jobs passed out of this life and into legend. As time continues to put distance between memory and the man himself, he will continue to become more mythical than human.  Despite all of his personality faults and personal shortcomings, the world will remember Steve Jobs for the impact he had on our day to day lives.

His legacy continues to thrive in the business decisions made not only at Apple, but by any company worldwide that has captured his vision of a mobile world. When Mark Zuckerburg tells the world that Facebook is now a mobile company, you can thank Steve Jobs and the iPhone for it.

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In memory of Steve Jobs, visitors to the homepage will be greeted by a touching video and the letter you see above from current CEO, Tim Cook. Many of the tech publications are also honoring Jobs’ memory today. The TechCrunch banner image features a close-up of Jobs in his signature glasses. More than a few super-fans will be honoring his memory by participating in Black Turtleneck Day.

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How do you think the world will view the legacy of Steve Jobs 5, 10, 20 years from now?

Michelle Stinson Ross
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Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson Ross

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2 thoughts on “Remembering Steve Jobs One Year Later

  1. i think it is our duty to remember those persons whose hark work and kind nature has serve the mankind with their great deeds those are very useful to every one.they have fulfill their duty and now we should perform our duty to remember them and their deeds.and try to put our hard work to ful fill their deeds remaining.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know it’s been 1 year already. I remember where I was when I found out he passed.

    I love the video tribute on the Apple site. He’d be proud of the quality of it and imagery used.