PPC LOL: 5 Steps to Optimize PPC and Laugh About It

This Tuesday, 1/27/2009 at noon PST, I’m giving a free 1-hour online webinar for SEMpdx, Portland’s SEM community.

But anyone can attend, and sign up is easy : Sign Up Here

The formal event description is:

“The 5 Steps to PPC Optimization is based on my 5 step process for optimizing anything. I created that process by analyzing how I optimize everything: from PPC to SEO, social media, my driving, and even my wife. This seminar is valuable for all levels of PPC expertise, because it won’t overwhelm the neophyte. It provides a coherent framework and sense of prioritization to the work. It will simplify and clarify things for the expert. And it provides good tools for communicating with your clients and coworkers about how PPC works best.”

But in addition to that, I’ll be talking about

* Wife Metrics, Wife Analytics, and Wife Optimization Tactics
* Why’d the PPC Cross The Road?
* How Are Some Clients Like Dogs?

Check it out, I guarantee you’ll have fun and learn something valuable for your future optimization efforts, or your money back!

Brian Carter is the Director of Search Engine Marketing for Fuel Interactive, an interactive marketing agency in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He is responsible for the SEO, PPC, SMM, and ORM programs at Fuel and its partner traditional agency Brandon Advertising & PR.

Brian Carter
Brian is author of The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money With Facebook and Facebook Marketing: Leveraging Facebook's Features For Your Marketing Campaigns, How to Get More Fans on Facebook, and LinkedIn For Business: How Advertisers, Marketers and Salespeople get Leads, Sales and Profits from LinkedInBrian has 12 years experience as a freelance consultant and digital marketing agency director. His hands-on business experience, cutting edge insights, background in improv and stand up comedy culminate in a keynote speaker, and social media trainer who leaves every audience not only entertained, but armed with powerful strategies and tactics.
Brian Carter

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