Optimize Your Twitter Profile to Promote Your Deals

Twitter is becoming is mainstream in the social media and SEO world but slowly more and more bigger brands are becoming informed of the ways Twitter can get out the word of what they’re selling. Seeing already Twitter’s limitless opportunities, I’ve come up with other ways brands could use Twitter to optimize what they’re selling.

Your profile page not only could be a place to put a glittery background and what your FaceBook URL is, but also a little help from PhotoShop, you could easily and often use your Twitter profile background to show what you’re selling and get your followers to benefit from deals and discounts. For Example if I @Jet Blue could benefit from utilizing their Twitter background to promote a deal on flights.

As you can see, the top image is their original background:


With a little PhotoShop love you can ‘bling’ your profile and make yet another avenue to promote your brand. As you can see, Jet Blue could optimize their profile by occasionally adding their background with the latest deal.


You’re wondering, well people don’t tend to frequent other people’s Twitter backgrounds so why would one want do this? And the answer is WHY NOT? Tweak your background and then Tweet your deals and tell Tweeps to check out your profile to get a coupon code or find the latest deal that you’re promoting.

Victoria is an Internet Marketing Specialist for LinkShare Corporation. She works on Search Engine Optimization for various proprietary sites, one of which is BillSavings.com. You can check out her site VictoriaSEOLove.com

Victoria Edwards
Victoria Edwards has been working in SEO and Social Media for eight years and currently works for GuideWell, a health and wellness e-commerce startup, based in Jacksonville, Florida. Victoria is their Marketing Manager and focuses on Social Media, PR and Blogging for the company. You can find her tweeting under the handle @TallChickVic.
Victoria Edwards

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11 thoughts on “Optimize Your Twitter Profile to Promote Your Deals

  1. You make a great point, Victoria. I think Twitter backgrounds are a greatly underutilized tool for promoting specific products and specials.

    @Julia – you don’t necessarily need Photoshop…there are a lot of MUCH cheaper image editing programs that will do the job for you. :)

  2. What a great idea! We just put up our first code for deal of the day, after we put up a nice background the other day.

    So check out our Twitter page for the deal of the day!

    Keep up the great tips!

  3. Looks like I’m going to have to cave in after all these years and learn basic Photoshop! I’ve tried to learn a little but it’s not something you can really learn by browsing around I don’t think. Jim