Matt Cutts Asks SEO’s To Report Good Sites For Better Rankings

In a tweet that went out yesterday from Matt Cutts asked users to report/let Google know about sites that you think should be doing much better in the SERPS.  Particularly smaller sites that don’t show up as much in the search results.

Looks like this is aimed at sites that aren’t ranking as well in the SERPS and how Google can better adjust their algorithm to account for these smaller site to get them to rank better.  (personal speculation)  I also think that Google is REALLY trying to up it’s game in general, analyzing everything from bigger sites to these newer/smaller sites that aren’t ranking as well in the search results but really should be.   I totally think it’s a step in the right direction and will really help them to stand out in the search engine wars.

Here is Cutts tweet:



Report all sites that you think should be ranking better in the SERPS to:



What do you think of this?  Is this a step in the right direction?

John Rampton

John Rampton

President at Adogy
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John Rampton

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18 thoughts on “Matt Cutts Asks SEO’s To Report Good Sites For Better Rankings

    1. Seriously! But it goes way beyond that. I mean, who doesn’t have a site that they feel should be ranking better? Forget about just the spammers. Don’t you think EVERYONE feels their site should rank better? This should be interesting.

      1. Guess what. The only people who would be following Matt on Twitter are those who have a vested interest in getting their site to rank: i.e. SEOs and other online marketers.

        IMO it’s just more “cheese” from Google to draw you into their trap. Any SEO stupid enough to draw attention to their site by reporting that their site should be ranking better using this form deserves to be “b!^(* slapped” by Google. Doing so is about as dumb as dropping your business card in the bucket in a site review session where Matt Cutts and other panel members do an on-the-fly SEO review of your site in front of hundreds of attendees.

    1. Wasn’t the previous form to submit spammy sites also open to abuse? So they release a complete opposite tool and now we have two tools, one to report “spammy” sites and one to report “good” sites.

      1. This isn’t a ‘tool’ as such to game any system. It’s purely a survey to gather FEEDBACK to be used by one of his lead techies. It’s not like it’s an algo that’s going to push anyone sites up. And spammy SEOs I suspect ‘need not apply’.

  1. There may be some good lessons learned from this, especially with the feedback from our perspective. Hopefully it’ll bring to light some issues that Google needs to address.

  2. Am I alone in finding this incredibly odd??

    All that will happen is every person who has a rubbish site will submit to Google in the hope of a leg up.

    And it’s really poor form just asking for it without any qualification on his part.

  3. Seems like an interesting move, I’ve never seen anything like this from Google. Not sure if they will get anything meaningful back though? Surely a bunch of idiots will just jump on this in the hope of a quick fix? If it is a genuine attempt to see how the public thinks the algo updates should go though, then its to be commended.

  4. Um, I thought a multibillion dollar company – with the world’s most sophisticated search algos – was supposed to be able to ascertain ‘Good Sites’. And now their solution is a link-AVOW tool?!? Guess they got so obsessed with punishing sites across the board that they forgot how to recognize a good site by it’s inherent qualities.

    This is madness. They should be more concerned about adult keyword subdomained Tumblr Smut blogs occupying 5 of the 10 SERP slots on Page 1 for starters….

  5. Cool yet weird concept. With TRILLIONS of web sites and pages out there, Google is really getting their manual work dirty when getting down to individual page recommendations. Interesting concept and we’ll see what comes out of it. Soon we will see “what do you want to see less of”… and it getting more abuse from site competitors, just like how Christina mentioned this could be used for recommendations of client sites.

  6. I get your comments above, but I think this is a good thing that Matt is trying to do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting Google know about smaller sites in as many ways as possible. I’m thinking this is just another way to get on Google’s radar and help out smaller sites.

    “Madness”? Isn’t SEO “Madness”? There is so much going on that it’s tough to focus on any one particular topic… sure, there are many things that need to be done and Google is a big company, but I think it’s important to recognize that this is just one of many areas of interest and I for one, am glad that Matt decided to tweet about this.

  7. Finally, Might be the future algorithm helps small ( and best) website to boost up rankings by these manual reports??
    No Doubt, People are gonna spam this doc!!

  8. Finally, Might be the future algorithm helps small ( and best) website to boost up rankings by these manual reports??
    No Doubt, People are gonna make this doc dirty!!

  9. Just a thought but maybe they want it to get spammed? As time goes on I see Cutts as a more shrewd character.

  10. I think only google venture sites deserve top ranking!!! Good answer, google? So, increase my rankings.