LinkWizard: Spam Targeting WordPress Blogs

LinkWizard: Spam Targeting WordPress Blogs

Spam is one of those topics that gets returned to time and again. Well, I was just updating my Simple SEO Blog and found someone had registered and made a post which was being held for moderation in Others Drafts.

Others Drafts?

“Huh? Other people don’t contribute to my blog. What’s this about?”

Well, a sneaky wee so and so had used WordPress’ registration system to “join” my blog and submit an article. I guess in group blogs there might be a chance that someone with the right privileges might actually approve the article and give you the exposure you crave.

Not me, mate. You’ll have to take your initiative and your spam elsewhere.

For the record, here’s a portion of the post…

The future for LinkWizard.

It’s hard to believe that respectable webmasters will ever use the system and surely they’ll be damaged by the bad press as blog owners fight back?

The only options they’ll have will be to

* Fade away quietly
* Rename themselves and convert their existing userbase over to the new url

I just can’t see this system succeeding given the underhand methods of promotion they are using.

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7 thoughts on “LinkWizard: Spam Targeting WordPress Blogs

  1. I get the point. I believe that the point Sarah is trying to make is that she was not inviting people to post on her blog, this company used the default WP register URL and then registered and posted a draft , trying to get her to post it, or atleast read it, or visit their site.

    Reason I posted this here is that after referrer log spamming, email spamming, comment spamming… is the next step going to be WordPress Draft spamming?

  2. You have to go through several steps to enable people to register and enabled them to post drafts, everything is off by default, so this probably isn’t that big a threat.

  3. It’s not a threat, and it’s not a flaw in WordPress. It’s just amazing the lengths people will go to to get their concept infront of you.

    As Dotster have shown with their domains happy hour and the other linking systems have found if the product is good you don’t have to spam.

  4. Thanks for dropping by Matt.

    Yes, to be clear, this is not a WordPress flaw.

    I wonder though if there is a way spammers can identify WordPress blogs which allow drafts to be posted?

    By seeing multiple users are posting?

  5. i have a multi-user blog. i upgrade status of the bloggers manually before they become authors from subscribers. contributors is something which is risky here.