Interview with Scott Monty at 2014 NAIAS

An Interview With Ford’s Scott Monty at 2014 #FordNAIAS

scott monty interview with kelsey jones of Search Engine JournalLast week, I had the opportunity to attend the North American International Auto Show in Detroit as part of the Ford Blogger Experience. During the 2.5 days I was there, I learned about the technology Ford is using in its vehicles, the social trends they have identified, and how Ford vehicles can utilize technology to make driver’s lives easier.

I also got the chance to speak with social media expert Scott Monty, Ford’s head of Global Digital Communications. Scott touched on why “people” were his favorite social media tool, why Ford thinks it’s so important to interact with the blogging community, and what they are working on next:

You can see all my photos from NAIAS 2014 and the Ford Blogger Experience on Flickr.

Thanks to Ford for covering my accommodations, travel, and pass to NAIAS 2014.

Kelsey Jones
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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones

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  1. Love this article.The key thought that I keep coming back to with using social media for prospecting is that it’s like that tricky precursor stage of dating – you have to get to know someone before you flat out ask them out. (Okay, okay – you can ask someone out you’ve just met, but generally things go a lot smoother in the long-term if you actually *know* something about them first besides the fact that you think they’re cute).