Google’s Matt Cutts Further Explains Automation of Reconsideration Request Process

In the latest video from YouTube’s Google Webmaster Help channel, Matt Cutts explains why the Google Spam team can’t handle every individual reconsideration request with a personal response:

The video came from a sent-in question, asking why his thoughtful, well-written requests were always followed up by automatic responses from Google. Matt Cutts then goes on to explain that the web spam team gets over 5,000 requests weekly for reconsideration to by Google to reindex their site. This means that handling over 20,000 requests every month makes it almost impossible for the team to personally respond to each one individually, as well as handling the process of combating thousands of web spam sites each month.

In the video, Matt Cutts goes on to further explain that the team is working on finding a balance between effectively evaluating each request to make sure only the highest quality sites appear in search engine results and making sure they are able to handle the process of combating web spam.

To begin the reconsideration submission process or view a list of Google’s quality guidelines, go to the manual actions section in Google Webmaster tools to first identify any actions that can be done on your end. If the issues still aren’t solved, follow this process to submit a request.


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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones

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