Google Redirects Chinese Search to HongKong

Finally, Google made the drastic move top stop censoring its search services on Starting today, users visiting the site will be redirected to where searches in simplified Chinese are not censored. was specifically designed for users in mainland China and delivered via Google’s servers in Hong Kong. Users will notice a slowdown the said site as Google switches everything from its China site to the HongKong servers.

Although this does not guarantee that the Chinese government  will not block access to Google’s HongKong site, Google is hoping that the legality of its decision will be accepted by the Chinese government. To monitor acccess issues that will arise later on, Google has put up a new web page which will be updated regularly everyday to let users know which Google services are still available in China.

Google was also very careful in clearing out that the decision to pull out its Chinese site was a corporate decision coming from Google headquarter in the U.S. And that none of its employees in China were in any way responsible for the decision.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra

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3 thoughts on “Google Redirects Chinese Search to HongKong

  1. A month ago, NQ Logic predicted that Google will move out of China. Today saw Google officially transplanting its Chinese base to its Hong Kong facilities. This value clash between an Internet company and an information-controlled country will continue to be present at every Multinational Technology executive board, and with Google’s disclosure, other U.S. technology companies will have a harder time to explain why they are still doing business in China.

    For a better and complete understanding of the situation, NQ Logic encourages you to read “Google Vs. China” at