Google Indexing Blogs Quickly

If you’ve launched a new blog at Blogger or WordPress, you might be wondering if or when Google might get around to indexing your site.  Evidence lately seems to suggest that even if you don’t have many, or in some cases any, incoming links that Google will still index your blog pretty quickly.

WebProNews points out several examples from those in the search industry, and the consensus seems to be that you don’t have much to worry about, and you’ll get indexed sooner rather than later.  But rather than take any chances by not putting any effort into snagging some links, your best bet is to make a concerted effort to get at least a couple incoming links.  That way, you’ll be sure that Google will find out about your site some way or another.

Updating your blog frequently can also help to ensure that Google finds it faster, and keeps you in their index. Once you’ve gotten into their index, use it to your advantage.  If you continue to write compelling, interesting posts, you’ll gradually attract more readers.  And being in their index will increase the chances that more people will find your site when they conduct not just a Blog Search, but also a regular Google Search.  After all, a regular Google search will now net you universal search results, including not just web pages, but also results from blogs, videos, images, and more.

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29 thoughts on “Google Indexing Blogs Quickly

  1. I’ve only read a couple of references on this topic so far this morning but I am getting the impression that some people think this is new (it’s not) and that some people are wondering if Google has changed something (I have no idea — I’m only just now reading about it).

    If your blog PINGS the major blog search services, Google will index your newly PINGed post within seconds or minutes.

    If your blog is fairly active and has a reasonable backlink profile (no, not HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS), your blog post should be fully indexed in Google’s Web search within 1-3 days.

    Blog posts are not guaranteed inclusion in the Main Web Index. A lot of pages may still go into the Supplemental Index.

  2. Hi Julie,
    You say that Blogger or WordPress are faster indexed that other blogs hosted on their own domains?
    because I’ve made a test a few days ago and a blog was cached in more than 5 days and I pinged the well known blog search engines. Also I am a bit confused about the indexed/cached date…can u explain a little what is the difference between the index date and the cache date?
    And if is the same date why it takes days to show the index/cache date using the command on Google?
    I would love to understand this

  3. Yep, I have to admit I agree 100% with Julie, a friend of mine created a personal blog using blogger on Thursday afternoon, and it was indexed by Saturday, just two days, isn’t that amazing?, or, do you think it has something to do with the fact that I am using blogger instead of any other platform? – check out, she had not even decided which template she was going to use:

  4. If you are using Blogger or WordPress, Google will index your new pages in a matter of minutes. However, without any incoming links there is a high probability that the indexed page will rather sooner than later end in Google’s Supplemental Index being marked as not relevant. Only after your page gets some inbound links (of course there are a number of other factors, e.g. avoiding duplicating content) it could go out of it.

  5. Well, here ma site

    When i started, it was having the same problem MAnjunath told.

    But then in a week or so, google found it and startd indexing it…

    But even now, it takes a little more than 24 hours to get indexed…. the new posts i mean….

    Does any body know how this can be solved?? ie. made to index within minutes like the other here told???

  6. what it going on? my page has been up for over a week, not indexed or anything. i’m on google webmaster tools. on blogger, i just put it on digg. could it be duplicate content?? someone go to my site and comment on it for me, please!!!!!

  7. One of my blogs gets indexed pretty fast. Write in the morning and the post appears in the afternoon. Another blog of mine doesn’t get indexed that fast. Both have the same update frequency… weird

  8. Guys i am looking for a ans here… my blog was indexed by google in two weeks and again when ma blog was indexed ma traffic in page rank reduced so than i made the neccessary actions and now i am waiting till it get indexed, and its till not indexed since 2 weeks, is there a way to get indexed periodically quickly???

    and this is ma blog

  9. Just setup a blog in January 09. When I setup a post my pages are cached and indexed in literally seconds. Not sure how they do it, but I like it.

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  11. My another website craeted by wordpress indexed very quickly ,but after 10 days all pages de indexed.I donot know why ?
    Can anybody suggest ..

  12. This may have been the case in early 2008, but now, in the middle of 2009 – it certainly is not! I have become so frustrated with having to push and probe and shove and wait for “the big G” to index my site, that I was thinking I had to be doing something wrong! So I set up an experiment, called “My Little Google Experiment”, during which I set up two identical blogs in WordPress and Blogspot, to see who indexes it when – I post the results on there as well. So far, not as much as a peep from Google or Yahoo – MSN however, will take you straight to the wordpress blog… hhmm interesting. So sorry if I don’t agree with your statements about being indexed quickly… Good article though 😉

  13. I just started my new blogger blog 2 days ago and have been promoting the heck out of it. I haven’t been indexed yet, but hopefully soon. Thank you for the tips I’ll keep working on it!

  14. Well, this post is about a year later, but a whole lot hasn’t seemed to change. I started a blog about a week ago and I haven’t been indexed yet by google. Just have to wait and see I guess.