Geo Targeting for Western Sites

One of the most popular questions which our potential customers usually ask is the following question: which domain name to choose for work with western search engines?

However, it`s good when this question is asked at once, but not at the stage when it is necessary to promote a site for the residents of Lincolnshire with the domain “ru” in

I want to clarify one important point: there are two levels of geo targeting:

  1. A country level
  2. A level of a city or region (state, province, etc.)

In terms of promotion these levels are two separate planets with almost different methods of promotion. We`ll consider only geo targeting at a country level and main questions related to this theme in this article. We will speak about choosing a domain name, using “correct” language, hosting and other small but important tricks:

  • Correct geo targeting: general provisions
  • Choosing a domain name for sites promotion in the U.S. and Europe
  • Countries localization within the same domain
  • Other factors related to geo targeting

Correct geo targeting: general provisions

For the beginning, let’s consider such private and “pure” cases, as a promotion of a French site in Canada or an English site in the UK. Most of the examples given below are based on these cases.

I would like to list some features of western sites promotion:

1. The first thing which is important to consider is that most of countries in the world (except Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, and Czech Republic) are countries which use Google, so this article will be all about geo targeting in this search engine.

Search engine market in the USA

Fig. 1. Search engine market in the USA

Google has about 65% of search market in the USA now (the USA are the most popular object of interest from the side of sites owners), so you need to be guided by Google while promoting sites in the United States. Although, it is worth mentioning that other reputable search engines (Yandex in Russia, a bunch of Yahoo / Bing in the U.S. and others) do not differ from the “champion” a lot.

2. The second point is that Google has its own local versions of the basic search engine for each country. I.e. French users search not in, but in, German users search in etc.

3. The third moment which needs to be remembered – if target audience speaks, for example, Spanish or English, selecting countries and search engines for their promotion needs to be specified exactly.

Roman Viliavin
Roman Viliavin is the Vice CEO in Promodo SEM Company, European company with a focus on complex Internet marketing approach to online promotion. He has been succcessfully operating in SEM for 5+ years and already helped many prominent companies like, BWIN,, Brocompany etc., to increase profit from their online presence.
Roman Viliavin

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  1. Roman, you tried to explain the things on a very good way. However, I couldn’t find anything new in this article. My concern is still the same, I have a product that I want to sell all English speaking people all over, how can I make sure that my product website would get raked on top SERPs on different geo locations? do you have any idea?

  2. With just a shallow understanding on such thing I really love to follow each and every article here in SEJ. The posts here educates me for me…

  3. This is a great idea to first target on geo locations and local areas. Nice post good explanation.

  4. Probably my comment is waiting to be approved (had one link)  Roman, would you mind?

  5. Research indicates that customers found that those campaigns optimized
    with GEO-targeting results in mind are more successful from the SEO
    point of view.