From the Cradle to a Content Creating Company

Noman Ali

Noman Ali

Editor at Social Hunt
Noman Ali is SEO Manager at Apps Development Company Cygnis Media. A Company that provide, Web, iPhone and Facebook Application Development Services.Noman worked with reputable clients and love to work in different Niche: Software, Business, Health, and love to blogging on different websites.
Noman Ali

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4 thoughts on “From the Cradle to a Content Creating Company

  1. This article could not have been timed more perfectly for my role within our agency. I’ve got a pretty extensive background in content generation, but am running into some trouble with where to start. Blog posts? Social? Any suggestions for prioritizing from the beginning?

  2. Great ideas, however I strongly disagree with guideline 2, Hire Young People. I think young people are great writers. However, I believe somebody who has raised children, taught school for 13 years, earned a Master’s degree and been through more experiences in life may have an edge in content writing. Learning how to Tweet or post on social media, and all the technical stuff can be learned pretty easily…It takes talent and creativity to write great content, and not too many people are great writers…:) Great article, though, very informative!