Blogging Popularity Among Fortune 500 Companies Has Increased By 50%

We know that CEO’s in Fortune 500 companies have been slow to use social media. Brent Csutoras showed that to us through an infographic last year. How have these companies done when it comes to blogging? Today a new study was released that shows a 50% increase in blogging popularity in the past two years.

fortune 500 company blog popularity

Other findings for 2013 include:

  • Twitter usage increased by 4%.
  • Facebook page usage increased by 4%.
  • 69% now use YouTube (Up from 7% in 2012).
  • 171 of these companies have corporate blogs
  • Companies such as Chevron, Phillips 66, and Berkshire Hathaway do not have a blog.
  • 386 of these companies have a Twitter account and have used it in the past week.
  • 40 of these companies are using Instagram, Pinterest, and/or Foursquare.

Why do you think blogging and social media have become more popular among the Fortune 500 companies?

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

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Adam Morgan

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4 thoughts on “Blogging Popularity Among Fortune 500 Companies Has Increased By 50%

  1. It isn’t just Fortune 500 companies but all who seem to be blogging away more than ever! If you want to succeed online and have a competitive advantage in 2013, you NEED to be blogging…simple!

  2. Finally even the Fortune 500 have started realising the value of search, social and content to survive the test of the time online.