Become a Twitter Celebrity—Get More Followers


For someone who’s new to Twitter, one of the first things that they want to know is how to get more followers. Having hundreds and thousands of followers is a social proof for other users of how influential a particular account. It only makes sense to use the number of followers as a metric for influence, as it can be a sign of fame that an average user has achieved.

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

The good thing about Twitter profile is that it’s simple and straightforward. That’s why it’s important that you upload a profile picture, and optimize your Bio section.

You have 160 characters to tell your potential followers why they should follow you. Make it interesting, and include your brand’s selected keywords if you can. Moreover, stay consistent with the way you brand your business on the web. This will help your profile define the niche that you want to target. That way, you can attract qualified followers.

Connect Your Other Networks

If you have a blog, website or email newsletter, be sure to add your Twitter link to it. This way, people who are already connected to you online through other means can have an immediate way of finding you on Twitter.

You can also add a Retweet button on your blog posts, so that it can be easier for your followers and readers to share your entry with their networks. In turn, your brand can expand its online presence on the micro-blogging site.

You can also add your Twitter link on your forum signature, email’s closing remark and other social media profiles like Facebook.

Be Proactive

Once you’ve set up your profile and weave your web, it’s time to use your Twitter account the way it should be used. It’s important that you join the conversation because it can extend your social graph with every tweets, retweets, mention and hash tag that you make.

By joining the conversation relevant to your niche, you’re not only widening your popularity, you are also attracting the right audience.

Follow Back

In the Twitter universe, it is an unwritten rule that you have to follow back the users who follow you. That’s why in order to increase your number of followers; you should also learn how to follow other users. You can do this automatically or use Twitter directories. Nevertheless, you have to balance your following is to follower ratio so you won’t look like a spammer.


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Aki Libo-on

Aki Libo-on

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Aki Libo-on is a Philippine-based Web Content Writer for Alpha Brand Media and a member of Search Engine Journal's editorial team. She's also the author of "How to Start a Blog (And Earn from It!)"—a beginner’s guide to blogging published by Bookware Publishing.
Aki Libo-on

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  1. I could not agree more with you when you state that you should be consistent with the way your brand is presented and with the fact that Twitter is pretty straightforward and simple and thus you should keep it that way. However, as simple as the Twitter may seem, the data that are flowing in the background of what you usually see are not so easily comprehended. I personally struggled with making my business Twitter profile to become more popular so I started to spy on my competition to see what I am doing wrong. Nevertheless, I was still missing the point. Therefore, I started to look for external help or for some tool that would help me to do that and I found the Analytics from Socialbakers. It helped me to find the right way I should do my Twitter profile strategy a not just Twitter but Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn as well. I was able to spy on my closest competition and soon I had surpassed them. I identified key influencers, monitor engagement rates and track my growth and quickly I started to get more and more followers. It is comes in really handy.