5 Alternative Google Search Plugins (FireFox)

Are you tired of Google as you see it with all its experiments and updates? Do you want to get things under control? Then you may want to try any (or all) of the following Google search modifications:

1. Google Informative

Informative Google Search is a FireFox search plugin that takes advantage of Google’s sidebar options to make the results, well, more “informative:

  • Related search suggestions (to refine your search);
  • Page previews (doesn’t work with Google Instant Previews).

Get it here

2. Google “Without Wikipedia” Search

Tired of seeing Wikipedia pages on top of almost any search results? Try using this plugin for a change: it removes all Wikipedia pages from SERPs. Probably not the best idea to use to evaluate your SERPs competition but can work great for random searches.

Get it here

3. Google De-Personalized Results

This plugin by Joost de Valk prevents you from seeing personalized search results, when searching from your browser’s search box. In Firefox, this plugin also adds suggest functionality.

Get it here

4. Google I am Feeling Lucky Search

Do you want to land on any page you are (most probably) aiming at without any need to care about the actual URL. Install “Google I am Feeling Lucky” search plugin.

OK, it won’t probably replace your existing default search (because for us, marketers, the Google search results page is by far more important than the actual top result) but it would be an additional help for your productivity.

I am sure someone has already created this plugin but I wasn’t able to find a link, so I went ahead and generated it myself:

Get it here (the second one in the list)

5. Google “by Name” Search

If the above one seems a bit too extreme for you (as it always bypasses Google SERPs to get you straight to the top result), you can try this one. It will only by-pass SERPs for branded search queries (where the user’s intent is more or less clear).

For example,

  • iPad
  • mcdonalds
  • overstock

And this is the other one I had to generate myself:

Get it here (the first one in the list)

Note: for all queries that return Wikipedia page on top, it will bring you to the Wikipedia page (instead of SERPs as well) despite the fact that these are NOT branded queries, for example:

  • disease
  • seo
  • shakespeare

Any other Google search plugins you can think of?

Ann Smarty
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Ann Smarty

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10 thoughts on “5 Alternative Google Search Plugins (FireFox)

  1. Thank you so much for this amazing post Ann…I have been wondering about “I am feeling lucky” search for a long time and finally you helped me out. Plus, i was feed up with wiki appearing in almost every result. You really made my search result fine and just what i needed.

  2. hi ann,
    at first thanks for your helpful awesome article.
    actually i was searching for tools of specific result which would be concise and actually what i needed. though i use both chrome and firefox. and i’m going to try all 5. and please suggest same few tools for chrome.

  3. Thank you for that post. For me particularly useful is the Google De-Personalized Results plugin, so installed it immediately! Thank you for sharing, Ann!

  4. Thank you for that post. For me particularly useful is the Google De-Personalized Results plugin, so installed it immediately! Thank you for sharing, Ann!