16 Examples of Huge Brands Using Twitter for Business

All Twitter benefits and (potential) spheres of usage are yet to be explored. However it is great to see some of huge companies already taking advantage of the tool:

  • To update customers of the company deals and coupon codes:

1. Dell has created a number of Twitter profiles, each meant for different types of deals (e.g. DellOutlet posts recent refurbished Dell computer offers).

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2. Starbucks posts new offers and also participates in threaded discussions of these offers with their Twitter-followers.

  • To offer an alternative customer support option:

3. JetBlue offers Twitter-based customer service (notice, they even provide the customer support employee’s name currently on duty).

4. ComCast offers a friendly Twitter customer support; what I personally like about their profile is the real person photo instead of the company logo.

Comcast Twitter Customer Support

5. TheHomeDepot “moonlights on Twitter to help their customers.”

  • To get closer to customers:

6. Via their Twitter profile Southwest Airlines run non-official, entertaining discussions with their customers.

7. Whole Foods Market asks what their clients like to read and watch, recommends new food podcasts and invites them to the company upcoming events.

8. HRBlock runs ask-and-answer sessions with their customers.

9. Best Buy has built Gina Community to communicate with their customers and friends.

  • To react to customers’ feedback:

10. Popeyes answers their clients’ feedback in an entertaining tone and also updates their Twitter listeners of the current deals and discounts.

  • To offer an alternative subscription option:

11. ATTNews updates their Twitter-followers of the news published at the site.

12. Forrester Research posts updates of their site recent discussions.

  • To post company news:

13. BreakingPoint posts updates of the company and industry news and also discusses it with their Twitter-listeners.

14. Ford posted the company internal news (the account seems abandoned).

Update: here are some cool Ford Twitter accounts you can check out:

    (thanks to @ScottMonty, Global Digital Communications for
    Ford Motor Company, for pointing the accounts out to me)

    15. Samsung has created a Twitter account dedicated to mobile phones and posts both the company (US department) and product news there.

    • To promote the corporate blog:

    16. Kodak Chief Blogger both posts the company blog updates and discusses them with the company customers.

    Ann Smarty
    Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project, MyBlogGuest.com.
    Ann Smarty

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    68 thoughts on “16 Examples of Huge Brands Using Twitter for Business

    1. Smart corporations and businesses are the ones that are in the trenches watching and listening to what the general public say about them. The world is totally gone digital and those businesses who choose to ignore it will be left behind and unaware of what the public perception is about them. Excellent post Ann.

    2. I didn’t realize that Comcast had a Twitter account. Thanks for the list I need to pay them a visit and exchange some tweets.

    3. I guess its very important for the companies to understand the value of CRM and twitter is certainly an excellent app to stay in touch with customers.

    4. The magnificent thing about these corporate Twitter accounts is that they are very responsive. I have made comments about Starbucks to @starbucks, and they always respond. Good to know that there is a person on the other side of things :)

    5. Comcast Cares guy is a great example of how to use it properly. I’d like to see more companies have a dedicated tweetist or someone whose job revolves around this. It’s the best form of tech support you can get besides phone imo. You also build awareness that well… Your company cares!

    6. Great list thank you. Now these companies need to start using Yammer, twitter for business. The companies that provide email addresses to their employees anyways.

    7. you left off Marriott Hotels @MarriottIntl

      I learned about the recent terrorist bombing at their hotel in Pakistan via Twitter, unfortunately of course.

      They get a little bit promotional at times but nothing over the top.

    8. Ann using is fine, being successful is totally different thing. Can you say that they are successful in achieving their goals ? I am not a power user of twitter unfortunately hence probably can’t find it myself

    9. @Pushkar Gaikwad, good question. That’s hard for me to judge but from the number of followers some of them have and the level activity, I guess, they did succeed.

    10. Large companies have the resources to devote to Twitter. This list is encouraging. Where are the small, no name companies using Twitter? I’m looking for them for my forthcoming book on social media marketing for small/mid size business. Email me examples at bernie@findandconvert.com

      Bernie Borges
      Find and Convert

    11. Although probably not a “huge brand”, I’ve seen @resideo helping out folks looking to make hotel reservations.

    12. Even though different companies have been able to get there presence on Twitter and other micro-blogging pattern based platform websites, but still there have been many factor which defines non-effective use of such websites by many companies.

      Ann, can you provide some tips on how can they utilize this marketing tool to enhance there presence over Twitter, etc. websites?

    13. Hello, I’m webmaster for Resideo.com hotel reservations, and the “voice” of our Twitter account — @resideo

      We’ve got a small community of followers and followees, but we’re glad to be a part of it.

      We pass on information about hotels (renovation notices, special deals, etc.) as well as actively search for folks looking for help finding a hotel.

      It’s important for us to be non-threatening and non-spammy, and I think we’ve succeeded.

    14. There are definitely more and more of these large corporate accounts every day. I really appreciate the ones who are working hard to provide value through Twitter (though it seems like there are still lots of them who just don’t get it yet!). Twitter can be a useful and personal way to talk to customers.

      We built a website called CheapTweet (http://cheaptweet.com) that aggregates the tweets from online retailers, stores and merchants for anyone to search. Visitors to CheapTweet can find all the deals and sales anyone has tweeted about, and with a free account, can save and vote on those deals, as well. CheapTweet is good for retailers, because it puts their deals in front of a much wider audience than many of them have with their Twitter accounts.

      We’re on Twitter too, of course, at @cheaptweet. I would encourage any of you with products and deals you want to promote to check us out! Hopefully we can help. :)

    15. Ford’s official Customer Service twitter account is @FordCustService. I’ve been managing this account since going live on 11/11/2008. The old twitter account (@fomocona) was started by me earlier this year and is currently in hiatus.

      Michael McElhone
      Analyst – Ford Motor Company

    16. there are a few of us at Molson on twitter as well…from Canada…@MolsonFerg @toniahammer @Moffat @MolsonBryan…glad to hear from folks out there…here’s to responsible choices…cheers and happy new year !

    17. thanks for this very interesting post. Your commentors are also to be applauded.

      the vast majority of social sites use big brands to pay the piper. if you have a notion, I’ll set up a peep for any publisher or agency. peace out.

    18. Ann, can you update this post to show that Ford is present on a number of Twitter accounts? Not everyone reads through to the comments.

      There are many in the works, but some accounts include:

      And through my own account, @ScottMonty


      Scott Monty
      Global Digital Communications
      Ford Motor Company

    19. Great post on Twitter methodologies, Ann

      While taking a slightly hybrid approach, (with a nod toward Scott Monty) here at DIRECTV we are listening, sharing and getting closer to customers while still lending a helping hand in a way that can benefit a wide audience of our customers. Extending this to our engagement with enthusiast communities like DBSTalk.com and Satelliteguys.us and our own user forums at http://forums.directv.com have only helped us improve our service and ability to listen.

    20. What about Polar (Fitness computers)??? Awesome customer service via twitter.. @chrispolarusa

    21. The world’s 2nd biggest beer company too – @sabmiller – providing company, industry news as well as job postings.

    22. Hey, hey,
      Everyone seems to do Twitter… So, big…
      I do understand this is just the beginning on a long interesting journey together …

      Very, very interesting… :)

    23. Thanks for the wonderful info, Ann. We are still feeling the whole Twitter thing out atm and this is helpful.

      @ScottMonty – do you use any other services to manage all your accounts? (like Co-tweet)… I’d appreciate any advice you can lend. :)

    24. Glad I dropped back in. @Anna, yes – we use Co-Tweet and it’s really been effective for us. I’ve also used TweetGrid fairly regularly as well.

      I wanted to make one final note: we were finally able to secure the @Ford account (http://twitter.com/Ford). This replaces the @FordDriveOne account.

    25. Great list of US brands. Just to let you know that we’re using twitter in similar ways at Carphone Warehouse in the UK. Primarily for customer service – complaints resolution, service updates etc. Accounts include –
      @guy1067 (customer service)
      @carphoneware (more of a corporate account)
      @cpwhelp (general help queries)
      @guyatcarphone (will be replacing @guy1067 shortly)

    26. I am assuming every ‘big’ and ‘small’ company will eventually be taking advantage of social media sites to build better relationships with their customers.

    27. Do these companies use Twitter to do all these things, or do they use Twitter just to link to their corporate web site for the actual Q&A sessions, surveys, news, web logs, etc?

    28. We have been on twitter for quite some time now.. . we use it for overall customer engagement, feedback, out reach etc…

    29. I work for a Global 500 company called Henkel. The opportunity to bring to user’s attention the brands (Dial Soap, Purex Laundry, Right Guard deodorant, LALooks Hair Gel, Loctite Glue) that Henkel sells makes micro-blogging a great tool. To promote all the brands with the Henkel name would take many press releases and commercials and advertisements, but through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr, a constant message can be distributed efficiently.

    30. Only a few of the large companies have learned how to completely maximize the potential of their Twitter presence. They all should have a nice-looking profile, follow everyone who follows them, and maintain dialogue with their followers.

    31. Brands on Twitter completely makes sense as many people identify or are identified by certain brands these days.

      Check out some of the Taco Bell accounts. They’re doing some unusual and cool stuff as well. –> @FeedTheBeat @TacoBellTruck

    32. With the arrival of the Google Wave platform, Twitter is going to benefit immensely. But the rules of the game will be brand new ones. Do you know that Page Rank is no longet part of the Google Webmaster tools? Get ready for some uncharted fun

    33. Creating accounts in social media sites is easy. But the one who follows, interacts, and attracts the customers is the real winner.

    34. Kudos to Ann for such a good post. Just a small query….how far twitter can leverage profits from this…i mean when most of the companies and even celebrities are going on twitter to update about themselves…what twitter as an organisation can do to have advantages out of it…say in monetary terms….i guess they dont even use Google Adsense…to display ads.

    35. It is an interesting article. I just never thought of twitter as anything but a social network. To think that corporations can actually gain useful leads and advertising from it is something new.

      I’ve written about brand promotion for online as well, but mainly from a Search Engine Marketing standpoint (http://www.psycray.com/tips-to-promote-your-brand.html). I think I’ll have to dive deeper into thinking about Twitter for my next article!

    36. I am really looking into different ways to make brands through twitter and other social media sites. Your article was very helpful.


    37. Excellent round up of examples on how others are using the platform. You can tell folks how they could do this or that but examples show themselves loud and clear like the ones you gathered up. Thanks.

    38. Now that all of the “big guys” are starting to use it, the question is how much longer will twitter be around for? A few more years max in my opinion.

    39. Great examples of good customer service via social media, we have @btcare, @easyjetcare and @cpwcare in the UK doing well.

    40. Great examples of good customer service via social media, we have @btcare, @easyjetcare and @cpwcare in the UK doing well.