101 Ways to Link Build in 2012

I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me more frustrated than seeing people online whine about how, “It’s sooooo hard to build links these days!”

Sujan Patel
Sujan Patel has over 12 years of digital marketing experience and has helped hundreds of clients increase web traffic, boost user acquisition, and grow their businesses. He’s currently the VP of Marketing at When I Work, the top rated employee scheduling software. In addition to his role at When I Work Sujan co-founded ContentMarketer.io and wrote the book on Growth Hacking titled 100 Days of Growth.
Sujan Patel

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100 thoughts on “101 Ways to Link Build in 2012

  1. Awesome list of great tips for link building.

    I agree that the linking possibilities are out there, you just need to learn how to see them.

  2. An amazing post Sujan. I have myself done a few of the things you mentioned, plus came to know about a few more, especially TYNT (had been searching for a “read more” plugin for almost an year now). I particularly liked the one about “ego-baiting” webmasters 😉

  3. Loved the post, I’d never heard of Tynt before but will definitely be using it now. I had heard of doing a lot of these things but I had forgotten about them so it is so useful to have a comprehensive list to refer to when I need ideas. Thank you.

  4. some great ideas here – thanks for taking the time to put together and sharing, will defiantly be putting some of the above into practice.

    With all the ongoing updates Google is carrying out it’s more important than ever to diversify your link building techniques so the above is great!!

  5. Thanks for the great article sujan… I like the Traditional Techniques, iam using few of them but now i will use all these… A big Thanks Sujan…..Keep it up buddy…

  6. Wow!! Iam blown away! The linkbuilding opportunities are endles. I have a question, I am an internet rookie, and my marketing skills are not yet rooted , I was advised to leave comments on blogs forums , ping my site another to build backlinks- I’ve done all that including submitting my site to directories- yesterday someone ran a backlink check…I have 0 backlink . Can someone please tell me what had happened ?

    Thank you,

    1. Leaving comments on blogs/forums does not always get you a link. Comments are moderated by most webmasters in order to fight spam and therefore do not get approved if it is deemed to be left only for the purpose of link building.
      As per the directory submissions, if it is a free directory, it could take 3 months for your listing to appear.. If it is a paid directory, I would check and chase the administrator up.

  7. Wooow Sujan, what a list!!!! I hope people appreciate you giving out this information for free! I myself work for a big Marketplace for Backlinks (teliad), so of course I liked what you said regarding hiring an SEO company if you want to outsource and if you have enough budget to do so. Of course, if you pay for something like this, it needs to get done right, so it might be necessary to create another list like the 101 ways to find the ideal SEO expert for your purpose 😉

  8. This is an incredibly resourceful post and a breath of fresh air. Tired of reading black hat backlinking strategies that are completely short term solutions. All of the strategies outlined here are legit, no matter what update Google comes out with next.

  9. “Post a job listing for your company”
    this one works great! i posted a job without knowing about your advice, and after 2 or 3 weeks it was on many job websites…

  10. Wow, great Link Building techniques. I knew most of them but , I really was impressed by this list. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more SEO articles from you.

  11. There’s really no way you can deny the potential of social networking tools, especially when it comes to internet marketing. It is possible that your website’s link could reach a wider audience when it has been shared by a sufficient amount of readers. Linking it through their Facebook or Twitter accounts or even as part of their blog posts, can help your site acquire a great amount of traffic. However, your site must also have an equally interesting and substantial content that’s worth sharing to the online community.

  12. I like the list! How do you go about updating industry wikis and then link back to your site?

  13. Some really interesting information, really good read.
    With all of the recent Google Algorithym Updates recently, it is vitally important that #LinkBuilding is done correctly and efficiently.

  14. Good exposure to websites or blogs are very important for any website, giving Information that helps others benefits , and the information received benefits others .

  15. I have come back to this article about 5 times now to read through it again and have now decided to just print it off :) Great tips, many thanks.

  16. Thank you for providing so many backlinking techniques. Some of these tips are new to me and I’m glad I have found them.

  17. I’ve bookmarked, tweeted, stumbled and liked this page – I will keep coming back as it’s a pretty comprehensive check list of how to SEO a website from start to finish. Thanks a lot.

  18. It is amazing to see the evolution of how far link building has come along in the search marketing world. All it takes is some outside of the box thinking and most businesses can really find great link opportunities. If you are stuck in a cookie cutter approach from 2005 you are going to shoot yourself in the foot.

  19. Hi Sujan,

    You have some very good points in your article and some I did not know before. Thanks for sharing that info should use it in my future projects.

  20. Nice Guide to kick start your website. Original content, crawlibility, debunking myths, lists, using automating social sharing sites like ifttt and developing something new for your users are somethings i consider to be the crux of your high serp campaign. Tynt.com is something interesting to know. Thanks

  21. Thanks a lot for that great information. Sometimes I wonder how some bloggers can build hundred link in a very short time even I can do that for a log time . “101 ways to link buid” a very useful tutorials! Tahnks

  22. This is just incredibly awesome article. You have included almost all vital ways of link building. This will certainly help us to rethink and implement these strategies to build up links in order to gain traffic. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep Posting!!!

  23. Great information and probably too much to absorb at the moment, will need to digest over a few cappuccinos, thanks for sharing the knowledge and keep them coming.

  24. Really great list and article – thanks so much. There’s a few ideas on here I’d never thought of and have never heard of Tynt either – great tips, thanks for sharing.

  25. Quite an awesome list. Some sort of priority element or weight element would be another great add-on to this list.

    One question is what is good baiting content for a discount coupon site for example ?

  26. Hey, I was wondering… Should I create follow links directed toward my own social media pages from the home page that I’m trying to market? I’m not sure if it’s worth contributing a slice of my own page rank to my social media pages and/or if it’s worth it to spend spiders to them.Thanks.

    PS. I liked your strategy to appeal to the egos of major players !

  27. It is one of the best seo guideline in this copmpetitive seo market. I’m a webmaster and i did not get anywhere like this tips and guideline. Thank you for your contribution. It is really awesome. So, i would like to recommend for everyone.

  28. I have read tons of articles about building backlinks for my website but I must be 100% honest. This article is the most creative, targeted & to the point article I have ever read on building links. Awesome! Let me know when you write another article this informative. Thank You!

  29. I think that social media is becoming more and more important for bloggers. If you get to know some of them on site sites like Twitter, then the odds that eventually one or more of them will link to one or more of your posts go way up.

    There are some very well known bloggers who want guest posts for their blogs, too. But they are very discerning. If you have engaged with them on social media for a while the odds that they will publish one of your posts increase as well.

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  31. I’ve been looking for ways I can build links to my website and I’ve tried the internal links you suggest in the article I am doing now. I’ll also try the other methods you have in this article. Thank you very much.

  32. Hi, Sujan Patel
    your writing have directed new way for building back links. I have a doubt that how to get traffic and rank after Google algorithm changes. But I am quite satisfied with your given idea. thanks for sharing proposal. keep it up.
    Jagabandhu Roy

  33. Great tips, especially for internet newbies like us so far. I’ve just started up a new website, looking to implement some good ideas to get more website traffic .Thanks for posting this!

  34. I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK You, Thank You! This is by far one the most thought out, best lists for great linking strategies I have ever seen and that is an understatement. Great work and very original!

  35. Awesome tips, sharing Infographics and content marketing will last for ever and is always better than other link building work. If infographics hits viral than blog/website can get many quality backlinks.

  36. I was completely surprised at how back linking could be used! I can’t wait to implement some or most of these.

  37. What an amazing article! I’ve been reading up about backlinking for the last week and this is without a doubt the most comprehensive I have found! Excellent job

  38. I don’t agree with adding the tynt.com script to your website in post Penguin world. Spammy sites link to you and you can still find yourself in trouble.

  39. This is an incredibly useful list. I am so bookmarking this. There are quite a few things I had never heard of like the TYNT code. Very, very useful! I am blown away.