Worry Less in 2014! Stats & Tips for the Stressed Out Digital Marketer

Does that photo resonate with you, deep within your soul?  Then you are most certainly a digital marketer.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.”  But with recent surveys finding that the average adult spends about 2 hours a day worrying about issues such as money, growing old, job security and relationships… it’s easier said than done, Ben, easier said than done.

Digital marketers are definitely on the higher end of the scale when it comes to Worry Warts, with our compulsive metric checking, frantic link-building tactics and wait… what is Google doing with the not provided provision?  Digital marketers tend to resemble a nervous chef in the kitchen checking our endangered soufflé much, much too often.

(Even taking the time to read this blog is making you nervous isn’t it? Because you simply have too much to do!)


For all the Nervous Nellies out there, don’t worry, I won’t waste your time.  Here are 15 digital marketing statistics that are going to mold the future of digital marketing in 2014.

1.  Everything is going mobile, so mobile compatibility for websites and emails is a must.  The rate of emails being opened on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has risen 80% over the last 6 months. (Source: Social media today)

2.  The blogger, once shunned and ridiculed as a wannabe journalist, has won over the public’s trust.  (Move over Walter Cronkite, blogs are now the most trusted in the nation).  63% of readers are more likely to be influenced by blogs than magazines when deciding on a purchase.  (Source:  Marketing Query)

3.  Using videos on website landing pages can increase conversions by…wait for it… 86%.  And videos get 267% more likes than normal posts.  What is that smell?  Oh, it’s the future.  Sources.

4.  20% of people will read text while 80% of people will watch a video displaying that exact same content. Sorry blogger-can you get up and let the videographer sit there?  Source.

5.  An online shopper is 144% more likely to purchase a product after they have watched a video than a shopper who did not watch a video.  2012 was the first year that online shopping spending beat out physical stores.  (Sources:  Stacks And Stacks and Huffington Post)

6.  67% of consumers state that the quality of a product image is paramount when selecting and purchasing products online.  (Sources: National Retail Federation)

7.  Recipients of email marketing campaigns purchase 28% more often than those who do not and their orders are 44% larger.  (Source: Small Business Yahoo)





8.  The average content length is 2,000 words for web pages that get ranked in the top 10 results for any keywords.(Source: Active Internet Marketing)

9.  In many countries, consumers use mobile devices as their primary access point for social networks.  In fact, mobile traffic accounts for almost 1/5 of all web traffic.  You snooze, you lose USA, better catch up!  (Source: Unified Social and Information Week)

10.  Users are 3 times more likely to share Pinterest pins, 66% more likely to retweet and 39% more likely to engage on Facebook while using a mobile device.  (Source: Social media today)

Stephanie Drescher
Stephanie Drescher is a content writer and professional blogger for Solutions 8. She is obsessed with equality, hiking, coffee, wine, and reading. Her most important job is being an aunt to her 9 nieces and nephews. Follow her on Twitter @stephdrescher or read more of her work on their blog.
Stephanie Drescher
Stephanie Drescher

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12 thoughts on “Worry Less in 2014! Stats & Tips for the Stressed Out Digital Marketer

    1. Thanks for your comment James, I agree. People appreciate true thought-leaders and companies who are truly out there to relieve pain points and not just make a quick buck. Being helpful and being honest creates sustainability.

  1. Wow…I need this. Got any advice on how a one-horse operation can pull all this together? Where would YOU start? (I’m thinking of hiring an SEO firm…but not if it’s a good move.)

    This is awesome…thanks!

    1. It is hard for a one-person-band to pull all a digital marketing strategy. Many companies do hire SEO firms, but do your research and make sure that your goals and what they can provide match up. Go through several consultations to make sure that you hire the right team if you go that route.

  2. thanks Stephanie for predicting a easy world for marketers but i don’t think so as Google will make it more difficult for the marketers to get high SERP. Social and Content will be the key for success.

    1. Nothing about marketing is easy. Every aspect of it takes hard work, but when overcoming anything, remaining calm, arming yourself with the right tools and staying positive will take you far. I agree, content and social media are key areas for the future.

  3. This is very enthusiastic stats and interesting also. The most important thing is Business owner will spend more in internet marketing as well as seo. Thank you for reminding that we have to go mobile. At last the tips given for dong SEO in 2014 is really helpful. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Lol, Stephanie I had to comment on this right when I reached “Even taking the time to read this blog is making you nervous isn’t it? Because you simply have too much to do!” You hit the nail on the head!
    With marketing, especially SEO and PPC there is always going to be a landing page to make, or a quality score to try and raise, etc… etc… the work is never done. The trick is managing your time so you can still work 8 to 5. Working smarter, not harder is the trick and finding tools that speed up the process.

    Great article!