Using Tracking URLs With StumbleUpon Ads

As someone who recommends and uses StumbleUpon Ads on a regular basis, I wanted to share a quick tip for anyone out there wanting to utilize tracking parameters in your campaign URLs.

As an Omniture user, you might have noticed that StumbleUpon will not allow you to create ads with tracking parameters that have a ‘#’ in them.


It is the ‘#‘ in the URLs which they have a hard time processing.

The trick to bypassing this step of the process and having your tracking parameters in your campaign URL, is to simply use a URL shortening service like Bitly, or you can complicate things by making your own redirect url for the campaign.

For some additional tricks for using StumbleUpon Ads effectively, you can checkout my slides from SMX West here.

Hope that helps and good luck with your StumbleUpon Ad campaigns.

Brent Csutoras

Brent Csutoras

Chief Social Media Strategist at Kairay Media
Brent is co-founder of Alpha Brand Media, who publishes Search Engine Journal, and is responsible for managing SEJ's social strategy. Brent also owns the social media agency Kairay Media and the design firm Pixel Road Designs.
Brent Csutoras

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One thought on “Using Tracking URLs With StumbleUpon Ads

  1. Hi Brent. The problem I find with Stumble Upon ads is that they need a quality content that will go viral to be advertised. The only problem is that great content doesnt need a lot of advertising and doesnt generate sales. So it is a bit useless. I would rather go for adwords or marketing deals found on for good quality advertising and marketing. Thanks for the article though.