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Summer is fast approaching and I already can’t wait to have some rest. Of course, the social media geek inside me made me get prepared for my upcoming vacation the web 2.0 way: by looking through available travel social media networks and seeing what they have to offer. So here are my personal picks:

Best Social Voting Site: BestTravelDeals

BestTravelDeals lets users share travel deals and vote for most useful of them.


Best City Page: has a strong focus on city profiles. The information provided for each city is really helpful and to-the-point:

  • Map;
  • Places to stay;
  • Places to eat;
  • QA section for members to help each other.

Check out this page for example:

Best Profile Pages: is a feature-rich travel community that is a pleasure to browse: everything seems to be where it belongs (not always SEO-friendly though but that’s not the point).

Profile pages are not overloaded with elements but look beautiful – what you’ll see there:

  • the member’s traveling map (places he has been to, places he plans to visit, places he wants to go to);
  • the person’s slideshow on each destination he visited;
  • brief traveler’s stats (photos, places visited, reviews);
  • person’s friends.

Best Social Features: TripSay

TripSay groups feature seems to be the bets way to unite various (virtual) travelers around common interest. Groups allows uses to:

  • Exchange experience and opinions on one topic;
  • Find travel buddies based in some common interest;
  • Give members ideas on where else to go and what to visit.

Example: breath-taking places:


Most Active Forum: Thorn Tree

Thorn Tree spots very simplistic interface but overwhelming number of areas covered and posts added daily.

Apart from area-related forums, you can also find here general topics like “health”, biking, traveling with kids, etc.

Thorn Tree

Disclaimer: I understand, the features I listed above are objective, so the site reviews in this post only represent my personal opinion. Please list your favorites in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Best Travel Social Media Networks : Traveling 2.0

  1. Travel agencies and accommodations should definitely be taking action on these websites.

    Ann, what do you think reaps the most SEO benefit out of these websites?

  2. In forums, the Fodor’s forum provides a place for the more , ahem, ” mature” traveler. While it is still about independent traveler, it is people mostly past the hostel stage of travel.

  3. You may be also interestes to that summarize links to best travel ressources available on the web by destination (Rome, Paris, London etc ) or by topics (Family travel, cruises etc)

  4. @Vera

    We love Fodors! But just to clear up a misconception, the majority of our Thorn Tree members are middle aged or older travellers. The independent spirit is ageless, of course :)

    Thanks for the hat tip Ann, we appreciate it!

    Community Manager
    Lonely Planet

  5. thanks a lot for this useful list. I am checking right away. I also find the concept very interesting.
    But with the plethora of travel 2.0 sites, it’s becoming hard for people promoting a destination to “target” which social networks should they be in …

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