LinkAssistant – A Review of Options and Benefits

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Melissa Fach
Melissa Fach
LinkAssistant – A Review of Options and Benefits

LinkAssistant is a part of the SEO PowerSuite and can help you with your link partner set-up and management. I recently tested out the software and I am going to breakdown some of its features and how the tool is used.

LinkAssistant Features

  • Helps users find link partners and find their contact info. LinkAssistant looks at relevant, high quality websites and finds the related contact information for you. This tool can save you tons of hours of digging through the web.
  • An organized system that lets users quickly contact all link partners and potential partners with personalized emails. With a more personalized approach you have a better shot at convincing other professionals to link to you.
  • Management of incoming email with link requests & communications from link partners. Link assistant offers a fully-functional email client that allows you to manage all your link communications within you link building tool. More importantly you can keep your link building emails in one place and they won’t get lost among other emails.
  • The ability to create a link directory with categories and subcategories of your choosing.  This directory can be added to your website and is easy for your users to navigate.  LinkAssistant also offers the ability to quickly upload to your directory without switching to another FTP program. It handles the new uploads instantly for you.
  • Tracking system that lets you know which link partners are linking back. You can instantly see who is linking back to you and which methods they are using to do so. LinkAssistant’s software robots.txt, JavaScripts, frames, redirects, nofollow tags and other tricks.
  • Monitoring of link popularity and growth. This tool makes it easy to monitor your link growth at any moment.
  • Uses Google, Yahoo! and Bing APIs. This ensures users will never have to worry about abusing these three search engines.
  • SEO PowerSuite tracks all search engines every 12 minutes and keeps your software in line with algorithms of 777 search engines.
  • Ability to create reciprocal 1-way, 3-way and 4-way links.

The Software Gives You a Lot of Information Fast

I tested LinkAssistant and looked for some link partners for SEJ. It is simple to use and the ability to save data in a quick, organized and easy to use manner was very nice.  To start you simply add the URL for your “project” (Basically whatever website you need links for).

After creating a project by choosing a URL you next specify anchor text for the site and then establish contact information for the site so link partners know what you are looking for and your contact information is automatically added to emails sent from the software. After these steps you can begin searching for link partners and you have multiple ways to do so with the LinkAssistant software. See the options below:

I tested several options, but I will review what happened when I chose “find sites that link to your competitors”.  Here is what the tool looks like as it searches:


Keep in mind that results are not instantaneous, but the data you receive is pretty great information to have.  To start they display websites and you can check the ones you are interested in, ignore others and blacklist the sites you never want to deal with again.  After I saved some sites it brought me to a “partners” screen with URL and contact information. I was kind of shocked to see one aimClear email address I use often.

Please click on the following image to expand it.

Customizing My Project

Once I had a collection of possible link partners in my project the software gave me many options to choose from. See the options below for “edit link partners”. As you can see the software gives you multiple ways to keep your data organized and updated.



Under “tools” I can choose to find more link partners and can choose from the options in picture #2 in this post. I can create a link directory for my site quickly as well and I was given two options, a multi-level tree link directory structure or a flat, plain link directory template. I really liked the send email option.

When I choose “Send Email to Selected Partner(s)” the following popped up. It was a pre-designed email template and there were several to choose from. As you can see most of the work was done for me already and I also had the ability to edit what I would like and choose from other templates. The email already had the HTML link information (URL and anchor text) for my site included so link partners can just copy and paste and it is signed with the contact information I provided when I created the project.


The next set of options is “preferences” and there are a lot of preferences to go through where you can really customize your project for a site. I particularly liked the FTP/Local Storage option where the software could automatically upload updated links for my directory to my website and the Scheduler that allows you to run a task of your choosing on a certain date. This is one less thing I have to worry about; another date and deadline.

Anytime software lets you create reports I am happy and this software offers that as well.


I have never been one to go out and search for link partners, but if I needed to I think this software could be very useful and help me avoid the searching and digging that would be required to find quality sites that I would want to partner with. It is very easy to use, well-organized and offers features that make the user’s life easier. It offers many time-saving benefits as well.

If I was looking to create a directory on my site I think this software could be a great time saver and very helpful. It is obvious that the creators of the software were focused on offering options that would make the process of creating link partners much easier. LinkAssistant is part of the SEO PowerSuite that also offers a Rank Checker, Website Auditor and SEO Spyglass.


LinkAssistant offers three levels of pricing – free, professional and enterprise, but there is also a fee for their Live! Plan which is a maintenance plan that keeps your software up-to-date with the algorithms of supported search engines. From what I have read you need this for the software to work well long-term. I recommend you read the pricing page closely.

Overall, I don’t think the pricing is too expensive. I think any tool that is going to give you the data you need easily is a good investment (and tax deduction).


This is a sponsored review.


Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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