AI & SEO: How To Automatically Boost Your User Experience

AI & SEO: How To Automatically Boost Your User Experience

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In an era dominated by text messages, live chats, and virtual interactions, the traditional phone call may seem like it’s fading into oblivion.

But despite that, phone conversations are still going strong, and they’ve evolved into a gold mine of valuable insights with the help of AI.

According to CallRail’s analysis of over 100 million phone calls, the average business’s call volume is growing by up to 3% quarterly.

Phone conversations are holding their ground as a primary channel of communication between businesses and their clientele.

Consumers are still drawn to the efficacy of phone conversations, particularly for high-stakes transactions.

Two-thirds of consumers prefer calling businesses over alternative modes of contact.

How AI Is Bringing The Phone Call Back Into Marketing

In the past, you’d only be able to get quantitative data from calls, like time and duration.

Now, phone conversations can be analyzed by AI to:

  • Uncover keywords.
  • Discover sentiment.
  • Locate trends.

So, what are some ways you can benefit from this new era of phone conversations?

How can you use AI to your advantage and get the most out of your clients’ calls?

Let’s explore how the power of Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the phone call as we know it and creating exciting new opportunities for marketing agencies and their clients.

Tip 1: Use AI To Conduct Market Research & Understand Sentiment

AI-analyzed phone conversations can offer untapped insights into your clients’ needs and intent.

Calls are incredibly rich in user data and serve as the ultimate touchpoint for:

  • Conducting market research.
  • Understanding customers’ experience.
  • Discovering buyer sentiment.

By taking the opportunity to listen and learn from these conversations, you’re unlocking profound insights that can help drive effective marketing strategies and successful campaigns.

Not only are callers more likely to explain their needs in detail, but they’re also happy to answer questions about why they’re seeking a particular product, service, or solution.

Ask yourself:

  • Does my client’s target consumer have a positive perception of their business?
  • Do they feel excited or anxious to buy what they’re offering?
  • What words do buyers use to describe what my client does, and do they match what we’re trying to put out?

With these insights, you can dramatically transform your marketing messaging and create content that aligns more closely with what buyers are looking for.

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Tip 2: Use AI Call Data To Inform Your SEO Strategy & Maximize Your Potential

You can use AI to pull important data from your clients’ phone conversations more efficiently and apply these insights to your marketing strategies with CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence®.

Then, transcribe speech to text with near-human level accuracy – you can do it instantaneously with Automated Speech Recognition (ASR).

Rather than getting bogged down with tedious manual tasks, let AI do the heavy lifting for you and spend more time on the things that really move the needle.

AI-powered tools such as CallRailʼs Conversation Intelligence can assist with sales or customer service conversations in real time.

If an agent is unsure how they should follow up on a call, for example, a generative AI model could analyze the call, compare it against the wealth of other calls it has already analyzed, and make a data-based recommendation on the next steps.

Conversational Intelligence is also a great tool for automating call summaries and aggregate trends.

It allows you to coach your clients on lead follow-up with time-saving call summaries. Plus, through call sentiment analysis, you are able to pinpoint the calls that require your clients’ immediate attention, enabling them to respond at a faster rate.

You can even utilize this technology to help you find new keywords to run campaigns against or adjust your strategy for keywords you’re already targeting.

An AI-powered tool could also recommend changes or update bids automatically, by analyzing the calls that came from these campaigns and determining whether the lead converted.

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Tip 3: Humanize Your Business & Strengthen Client Connections

By adding AI to your clients’ inbound phone calls, you can form more meaningful connections.

The data you’re able to access with this technology reveals a whole new layer to target consumers, digging deeper into their strongest needs and desires.

And by adjusting your campaign strategy to meet users where they are, you create a lasting impression that will keep them wanting more.

By tapping into AI’s ability to optimize your clients’ marketing and sales conversations, you can help them connect better with more customers.

AI exposes the quality of your clients’ connections and helps you make them more robust, satisfying, and human, rather than making them more robotic.

For marketing agencies specifically, conversational AI makes it possible to act on data you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to while automating tasks like:

  • Call transcription.
  • Summaries.
  • Keyword spotting.
  • Trend analysis.

Although the traditional phone call might appear to be teetering on the brink of obsolescence, conversations remain relevant, thanks to AI’s newfound ability to tap into their invaluable wealth of user data.

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Unleashing The Power Of Conversational AI

Embracing modern tools has the power to transform the challenges associated with phone calls into opportunities.

Call tracking makes it not just possible but easy to connect incoming calls to marketing campaigns and lead records.

But more remarkably, conversational AI can unlock those rich, qualitative insights hidden inside the raw audio data of the call.

This technology helps you tap into how potential users might want to interact with your client’s product and the questions that they may have – you can then use conversational AI tools to help route them to relevant information.

With the following tips, you’ll learn how to start using this advanced form of AI to supercharge your clients’ phone conversations and boost user experience.

Leverage Your Conversation Data With CallRail & Build A Winning Marketing Strategy

Enhanced by the power of AI technology, the phone call is steadily reclaiming its relevance as a potent medium for consumer engagement.

It’s time to embrace the conversational revolution and recognize calls for what they are: a gold mine of intelligence waiting to be tapped.

So, if you’re ready to start mining gold from phone conversations, CallRailʼs Conversation Intelligence is the leading AI tool for uncovering the hidden gems of data concealed within every interaction.

Start your 14-day free trial to access the key insights that not only illuminate consumer preferences and behavior, but also pave the way for growth.

Plus, download CallRail’s new ebook to learn more about leveraging phone calls to improve your marketing strategies and unlock new opportunities.

Start your 14-day free trial to access the key insights that not only illuminate consumer preferences

and behavior, but also pave the way for growth.

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Start your 14-day free trial to access the key insights that not only illuminate consumer preferences and behavior, but also pave the way for growth.