7 Ways AI Took My Job [To The Next Level]

7 Ways
AI Took My Job
[To The Next Level]

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Will AI eventually take my job?

We know, there’s a looming concern that human roles are being replaced – but that’s not the case at all.

The real key to success is learning to work with AI instead of against it.

Though AI can perform tasks with remarkable speed and accuracy, it lacks the unique human qualities like empathy and creativity that drive effective campaigns and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

By combining artificial intelligence with the best of human ingenuity, you can transform your strategy and unlock your true marketing potential.

So rather than viewing AI as a threat to your position, why not embrace it for the valuable tool that it is?

Let’s explore some of the ways you can leverage AI technology to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

How To Level Up With AI

Once you learn to seamlessly integrate AI into your agency’s workflow, you can offload those tedious, repetitive tasks and focus on higher-level strategy and creativity.

Conversational and generative AI in particular have revolutionized marketing, offering more advanced capabilities to increase efficiency.

From data analysis to customer engagement, here are some of the opportunities AI presents:

  • Process vast amounts of data and identify complex patterns, providing deeper insights to help you make more informed decisions.
  • Analyze consumer behavior and preferences to deliver hyper-relevant messaging and personalized journeys at scale.
  • Automate time-consuming, manual processes to save time, reduce human error, and allow for high-impact activities.

AI may be shaking things up, but don’t worry – it’s not here to steal your spotlight. (Only share it!)

Here, we’ll walk you through the ultimate agency strategy guide to help you use AI to enhance your human capabilities and elevate your marketing campaigns.

1. AI Can Help You Understand Exactly Where All Your Leads Are Coming From

Tracking the source of inbound leads is crucial if you want to understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts – that’s where call attribution comes in.

By seamlessly tying together online and offline customer interactions, you can paint a more comprehensive picture of the multi-channel customer journey.

This holistic approach enables you to identify touchpoints across various channels and optimize your strategies accordingly.

For example, you may think you know why your clients’ phones are ringing, but how do you know the true effectiveness of each marketing channel or campaign?

What if you could pinpoint which ads, campaigns, or search terms are behind each call?

With AI-powered call attribution, you can gain valuable insights into which channels are driving the most conversions.

How Call Attribution Works

  • Step 1: Assign – Select unique call tracking numbers to assign to each campaign or listing.
  • Step 2: Track – Potential customers see your ad or listing and call the associated phone number.
  • Step 3: Forward –The calls ring directly into your main business phone, regardless of which number they use.
  • Step 4: Analyze – Because they used one of your tracking numbers, you instantly know which ad or campaign inspired them to call.

With AI-powered call tracking, gone are the days of wondering how your digital marketing efforts are tied to high-value inbound calls.

For agencies, this helps prove the real value of your services and extend the life of your client relationships.

2. AI Can Help You Save Time On Manually Reviewing Calls

Listening to and analyzing phone calls manually can be time-consuming and inefficient for agencies.

However, it’s an important part of understanding the customer experience and sales team performance.

With AI-powered call analysis tools, you get quality, keyword-tagged transcriptions with near-human-level accuracy.

Not only can this technology help you save over 50% of the time spent listening to phone calls, but it can also help you deliver actionable recommendations to clients and drive better results.

Conversation Intelligence, for instance, is trained on over 1.1M hours of voice data and enables real-time analysis for instantaneous results.

This advanced tool provides opportunities for you to improve your strategy through the following granular insights:

  • Spotting disparities in the industry-specific lingo your sales team uses, compared to the lingo your prospects are using to describe their business challenges and goals.
  • Identifying trends or gaps in your service offerings based on what your prospects are asking for.
  • Identifying frequently asked questions and other important topics to address through content marketing.
  • Setting goals for lead qualification — not just the quantity of leads generated for your business.

Conversational AI is perfectly suited to summarize the content of long conversations – however, the call summaries still require a human to read them and determine the main takeaways.

But if you work in a bustling small business, it’s unlikely you’d have the bandwidth for tasks such as call transcription, summaries, keyword spotting, or trend analysis.

Rather than displacing human labor, conversational AI is assisting businesses in taking on tasks that may have been overlooked and leveraging data that would otherwise remain untapped.

3. AI Can Help You Lower Cost Per Lead / Save Money On Tools & Ad Spend

Ever wonder why certain campaigns take off while others fall flat? It’s all in the data!

Even failed campaigns can offer invaluable insights into your client’s audience and messaging.

But if you can’t spot the underperformers quickly enough, you risk wasting your ad budget on ineffective tactics.

The quicker you can identify what’s working and what’s not, the quicker you can pivot and adjust your marketing strategy.

With AI-powered tools, agencies can access instant insights that enable them to reduce wasteful spending and improve overall campaign efficiency.

How To Deliver More Value With AI

  • Make a bigger impact in less time: AI-powered technology creates a force multiplier within your agency, allowing you to make more of an impact with the same level of inputs you’re already using.
  • Unlock actionable insights from call data: AI is revolutionizing the way companies leverage call data by enabling them to gain insights at scale. As a result, businesses can increase their ROI and deliver greater value to their clients by analyzing hundreds of calls efficiently.
  • Foster alignment with data-driven strategies: By analyzing customer conversations with AI, businesses can align their marketing strategy with data-driven recommendations, enhancing overall coherence. Additionally, the ability to create triggers based on specific phrases enables automated analysis and reporting, further streamlining the alignment process.
  • Drive effectiveness with rapid insights: Leveraging Conversation Intelligence enables agencies to deliver better insights faster, increase conversion rates, refine keyword strategies, and develop robust reporting capabilities.

With the right AI-powered tools, you can access the insights you need to ensure maximum ROI for your clients.

4. AI Can Help You Improve Overall Agency Efficiency

Are you spending too much valuable time on tasks that produce minimal results?

Many agencies find themselves bogged down by routine, administrative tasks that don’t contribute much to their bottom line.

But with AI automation, agencies can streamline their operations and redirect their energy towards more strategic endeavors.

From email scheduling and social media posting to data entry and report generation, AI can handle a wide array of tasks with precision and efficiency – giving you time to focus on high-impact activities that drive growth and deliver tangible results.

Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Automation

  1. Automatically transcribe your calls to boost close rates: See how your team is handling difficult objections and ensure that they’re delivering your businessʼ value proposition in an effective manner.
  2. Score calls based on quality and opportunity: Take the time-consuming work out of scoring your calls and determine which campaigns drive the best calls to your business.
  3. Classify calls by your set criteria: Qualify, score, tag, or assign a value to the leads that meet your criteria, automatically.
  4. Automatically redact sensitive information: Protect your customers by removing billing or personal information. Keep your data safe and secure through complete HIPAA compliance.
  5. Monitor your teamsʼ performance: Use Conversation Intelligence as a valuable sales training tool to ensure your team doesn’t miss any key messaging marks.
  6. Know your customersʼ needs: Identify conversation trends in your phone calls and stay privy to evolving customer needs.
  7. Improve your digital marketing strategy: Use AI-powered insights to inform your digital marketing strategy and boost your online presence.

By automating mundane tasks, agencies can optimize workflows, increase productivity, and improve efficiency across the board.

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Rather than fearing AI, the future belongs to those who embrace it.

By strategically combining human creativity with artificial intelligence, you can unlock capabilities that transcend what either could achieve alone.

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Want to discover even more ways to level up

your agency with AI?

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Want to discover even more ways to level up your agency with AI?