3 New Ways To Use AI For SEO & Keyword Research [Without AI Prompts]

3 New Ways To Use AI For SEO & Keyword Research [Without AI Prompts]

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From competitive research and content creation to on-page optimization and campaign automation, AI is revolutionizing the way we approach SEO.

SEO professionals are now leveraging AI technology to generate high-quality content more efficiently, research and analyze keywords with more accuracy, and monitor their search performance more effectively.

Although AI is an undeniably powerful tool, allowing search marketers to enhance their strategies while saving valuable time, it’s no substitute for the creativity, empathy, and expertise that the human perspective provides.

After all, SEO isn’t solely about rankings, it’s about user experience – and audiences tend to connect to content they find relatable and trustworthy.

So, how can you combine human experience with AI’s efficiency to create campaigns that resonate and drive real results?

Let’s explore a new realm of AI that can automate insights into your customers’ journey, helping you connect with them on a deeper level and drastically improve your marketing outcomes.

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How Is AI Currently Used In SEO?

As of this moment, generative AI is used in SEO for:

  • Content Generation: AI-powered tools can assist in creating high-quality, engaging content, such as product descriptions, blog posts, and more based on specific keywords and topics.
  • Content Optimization: AI algorithms analyze existing content and suggest improvements for better SEO. They can recommend keyword placement, readability enhancements, and content length adjustments to improve search rankings.
  • Keyword Research: Analyzes vast datasets of search queries and patterns, helping SEO professionals identify the most relevant and effective keywords for their content.
  • Rank Tracking: AI-driven rank tracking tools can monitor search engine rankings for specific keywords and provide valuable insights, helping SEO professionals adjust their strategies in real-time.
  • Tone Analyzer: This technology is used to ensure the emotional aspect of content aligns with the desired tone, whether it’s informative, conversational, persuasive, etc. It’s crucial for crafting content that resonates with the intended audience.
  • Intent Analyzer: This tool focuses on understanding user search intent and evaluates the meaning behind search queries to categorize them as informational, transactional, or navigational. SEO pros use this data to optimize content to better align with what users are seeking.

AI’s impact on SEO is ever-evolving, with new technologies continuously improving the way digital marketers connect with their audiences.

More specifically, advances in AI-powered speech recognition present exciting new opportunities for businesses.

For instance, with CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence, you can get the most important insights faster to proactively address your customers’ concerns and make smarter business decisions.

By turning your conversations into easy-to-act-on data, this technology takes you directly to the source for information, ensuring your audience gets exactly what they need from you.

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In the meantime, let’s dive into three of the ways you can start using AI to your advantage.

1. Identify SEO Trends & Patterns Without Prompts

One of the key ways AI has revolutionized SEO is by improving the way businesses conduct research.

Now, with the power of AI research tools, you can process vast amounts of data and identify patterns and insights that would be impossible to uncover manually.

For instance, you can use AI monitoring and listening tools to:

  • Stay on top of industry trends.
  • Monitor your competitors.
  • Identify opportunities for engagement with customers.
  • Track customer sentiment and respond quickly to negative feedback.

Start by using conversation intelligence to analyze the language your customers and prospects use during calls to discover what they really want.

How To Do This

  1. Set up CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence.
  2. Determine which key terms are important to your business and set up Key Term Spotting to automatically detect how often those terms are (or arenʼt) used in conversations.
  3. Use these insights to adapt your marketing strategies or sales talk tracks to get better results.

With tools like CallRail’s Call Tracking, you can gain even more valuable insights into your customers’ journey.

Examine your web visitor tracking data to identify which campaigns, keywords, and ads your leads interacted with along their journey, making it much easier to know what’s actually working.

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2. Mine Data To Enhance Online Discoverability & Increase Local SEO Market Share

Another advantage of AI technology is that you can leverage the data you collect to enhance your search discoverability.

With conversation intelligence, you can automatically identify key terms spoken in phone calls and map their frequency to spot emerging trends quickly.

You can then see how the most frequently spoken terms and phrases on your calls compare to the keywords you target for your marketing campaigns and use this data to boost your SEO and keyword bidding strategies.

Compare what your customers say they want to what your business actually offers, and fill in any gaps between the words you use to market your business and the terms your customers are using.

By using AI to analyze the top trends in your customer calls, you’re able to spot new opportunities for your business and better serve the needs of your audience.

How To Do It

  1. Review the Key Terms Spotted report in Conversation Intelligence to identify the most commonly-spoken words and phrases at a glance.
  2. Check Call Highlights for recommendations of relevant and powerful keywords and phrases not set up in Key Terms Spotting.
  3. Use insights from both reports to further refine your SEO and keyword bidding strategies and respond to customer sentiment appropriately.

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3. Use Voice-Recognition AI To Create Human-First Conversational, SEO-Driven Content

Although using AI for content generation is nothing new, only recently have marketers been able to refine their use of the technology for more authentic results.

In the past, there’s been a negative stigma associated with AI writing – for one, the data that some AI models use is outdated, but also, AI tools have been known to plagiarize content from other websites.

Today, however, there are more advanced AI tools for content generation, which allow SEO professionals to create higher-quality content that ranks well in organic search.

Plus, with insights from conversation intelligence, you can ask an AI content generation tool, like ChatGPT, to generate content topics or even a rough draft based on popular keywords and phrases your customers are using.

Then, once you have something to work with, you can go in and add your human touch to make sure the content really resonates with your target audience.

Try this:

  1. Sign up for an AI-based writing service, or use Microsoftʼs ChatGPT or Google Bard for free!
  2. Use keyword terms and phrases surfaced from Conversation Intelligence and ask it to generate interesting topics based on those keywords.
  3. Use your AI writing tool of choice to generate drafts, but remember to put your brand’s personal spin and the human touch on your work before you press publish.

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With recent advancements in AI technology, marketers are able to make significant improvements in their strategies – from research, to search and SEO discoverability, to content creation.

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