ProRankTracker, A Leading SEO Rank Tracker, Adds A Powerful New SERP-Checking Tool: Insta-Check

ProRankTracker Adds A Powerful New SERP-Checking Tool: Insta-Check

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Want to outrank your competitors on key SERPs?

Wondering which search terms your competitors are dominating and how?

Maybe you’re already using ProRankTracker, but wish you had the ability to expand your SERP research capability without reconfiguring your account.

If you’re looking for new SEO opportunities without overhauling your dashboard’s long-term SEO campaign keywords, give ProRankTracker’s new Insta-Check tool a try.

By instantly checking the rankings on any search query, you can immediately see what your competitors are doing and how you can add your content to that SERP.

If you aren’t using ProRankTracker, but you want to rank in the top position of Google, the key is to:

  1. Track your SEO rankings in a trusted rank-tracking tool.
  2. Keep tabs on potential high-impact search terms and SERPs without depleting your budget.
  3. Discover where your brand can easily rank.
  4. Add approved high-potential keywords to your rank tracker dashboard after they’ve proven potential growth.

See where your content could rank – Check 100 new search terms, now →

Let’s explore a few innovative tracking tools – including new advanced SERP checkers like Insta-Check – that can inform your SEO strategy, give you the information to boost search rankings, and drive more organic traffic.

ProRankTracker Helps Track & Perform SERP Analysis Of Your SEO Rankings On Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube & Amazon

ProRankTracker can help you easily review your owned SERPs for particular long-term sets of keywords or subjects, and when paired with Insta-Check, it can also help you discover the top-ranking websites and assess your chances of outranking them.

Analyze & Track Your Long-Term SERP Rankings & Google Position History

Start by discovering and analyzing where your website is currently ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) to:

  • Confirm your website’s search engine visibility.
  • Ensure that you’re ranking for target keywords.
  • Monitor whether your optimizations are driving incremental traffic, conversions, and revenue for your business.
  • Assess how your website responds to changes in your SEO strategy to help boost performance.

This initial discovery phase is called a SERP analysis.

What Is SERP Analysis?

A SERP analysis is the process of diving into the data provided on any given search engine results page in order to uncover:

  • Which optimizations will help improve your search rankings.
  • Whether the traffic expected from a specific keyword or subject is worth the cost and effort required to rank.
  • How your competitors were able to achieve their positions – especially when used in conjunction with our new Insta-Check tool.

Use the data from your results to identify what’s working within your SEO strategy, discover what’s not working, and adjust accordingly.

SERP checking can give you an awareness of where you rank in search, but it can also help you better understand the competitive landscape.

How To Perform A Successful SERP Analysis

Ready to start analyzing SERPs successfully and ranking higher? Follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Identify Target Keywords & Search Intent

Start by targeting the keywords that you want to rank for and assess the existing content available on its SERP.

Learn what kind of content is ranking for those keywords and optimize your strategy to improve your position.

Be sure to verify each keyword’s search intent by examining the intention behind the user’s searches.

Step 2: Assess The Competition & Identify Ranking Opportunities

Performing competitive analysis is essential to measuring how difficult it will be for your website to rise in rank.

Try to discover new opportunities to take advantage of – like high-ranking content with information that you can improve upon, or an interesting angle that no one is covering.

Step 3: Optimize Your On-Page Elements For SEO Success

Create relevant and high-quality content and follow best practices to increase discoverability.

Your website should be easy for search engines to navigate and for users to find what they need.

Make sure to perform SEO audits frequently, so your site stays in compliance with Google algorithm updates.

Insta-Check Helps You Instantly See Top 100 SERP Data

With ProRankTracker’s powerful new tool, Insta-Check, you can instantly access accurate and verifiable data on key SERP positions, unlike the regular rank tracker’s functionality of long-term tracking.

Analyze Single SERP Rankings To Discover New SEO Potential

This credit-based, pay-as-you-go solution enables you to manually check the rankings for a single URL or the top 10, 30, or 100 SERPs for specified keywords in various search engines, locations, and devices.

This can help you perform market research in order to discover gaps within a competitor’s SERP ownership.

For the first time, an instant query-to-results SERP checker like this is offered at low starting prices, making it suitable for any type of business.

No more APIs. No long-term contracts. Just great data to drive your SEO strategy.

5 Ways Insta-Check Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

ProRankTracker’s new Insta-Check tool gives you access to:

  1. On-Demand SERP Check: Perform single rank or full SERP checks for keywords that you do not need to track for the long term.
  2. Website Ranks Report: Conduct initial research for a client’s website by determining which keywords the website is ranking for and using this data to analyze and create reports.
  3. Market Research: Check the top 10, top 30, or top 100 results for a keyword to gain insight into the competition. Analyze the results and use them to create reports.
  4. SERP API: Use the Insta-Check API to provide SERP ranking data for your systems and tools. Register and view the Insta-Check API doc
  5. Keyword Ranking Check: Quickly check large lists of keywords to identify which ones your website or your client’s websites are ranking for. You can then decide which keywords to add for long-term tracking in your ProRankTracker account without having to add or delete them one at a time.

Test drive ProRankTracker’s Insta-Check now for just $1.

How Insta-Check SERP Checker Works

There are three methods you can use to check your rankings with ProRankTracker’s Insta-Check tool, including:

  • Manual form-fill.
  • File upload.
  • Using a SERP API.
Image created by ProRankTracker, April 2023
Image created by ProRankTracker, April 2023
Image created by ProRankTracker, April 2023

You can get the results in several formats, including:

  • JSON.
  • XLSX.
  • CSV.
  • PDF.

With Insta-Check, you can get 10,000 credits for just $25 – with each credit worth a single URL rank check. Use 4 credits to check the top 100 SERPs.

Learn more about Insta-Check pricing and credits.

Get SERP Data Automatically By Integrating SERP APIs

Need SERP data integrated into your tools and systems? Whether it’s automatic, daily tracked data with history and other features, or just instant raw SERP data that you can manage on your side, ProRankTracker has got you covered.

ProRankTracker offers two types of APIs:

ProRankTracker API:

  • Integrates with your account, manages it, and uses its data in your systems and tools.
  • Allows you to add new URLs/terms, edit, organize, and get ranking data (current or historical) from your PRT account.
  • Includes all of ProRankTracker subscription’s features and benefits.

View PRT plans and pricing for more information.

Insta-Check SERP API:

  • Supplies current, fresh rankings and raw SERP data for your systems and tools.
  • Credit-based, pay-as-you-go solution, regardless of your regular plan.
  • Allows you to check single URL rankings or the top 10/30/100 for specified keywords.
  • It’s as simple as Query → Get Ranks.

Sign up for free and learn more!

Get Highly Specialized SEO Agency Rank Tracking & Reporting

Insta-Check is ProRankTracker’s new instant SERP checking tool is already filled with great SEO functionality, and their reputable daily rank-tracking subscription service is also a must-have.

What Can You Track With ProRank Tracker?

ProRankTracker allows you to track your rankings on:

  • All Google sites.
  • International queries.
  • Mobile and desktop.
  • Organic searches.
  • GMB listings.
  • All Yahoo sites.
  • All Bing sites.
  • All Amazon sites.
  • YouTube results.
  • Other search elements.

Report Features & Types

We offer great reporting features, such as:

  • Options for current ranking reports, progress reports, comparison and benchmark reports, shareable live reports, and other report types for niche scenarios.
  • Formats available: PDF, XLSX, and CSV.
  • Export capabilities like sending to email, exporting to Google Sheets, or saving to Dropbox or Drive.
  • Scheduled reports, emails, or saves (Dropbox/Drive) on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Overview Reports

With overview reports, you can view your current website rankings and get current rank summaries of the Groups and Tags you’re tracking.

Progress Reports

With progress reports, you can view and analyze your progress in rankings over a span of days, weeks or months.

Comparison Reports

Compare rankings of URLs you track on different search engines, by location, device, and more.

Benchmark Reports

Compare rankings between two specific dates, weeks, or months.

Start Optimizing Your SEO Strategy Now With ProRankTracker

ProRankTracker is a must-have rank-tracking solution for SEO professionals and website owners.

Rank tracking is still an important metric that helps you keep a pulse on your highest-ranking competitors and stay on top of every position change in relevant SERPs.

If you’re looking for accurate data and up-to-date reporting to help inform your future strategy, ProRankTracker has what you need to succeed.

Now, in addition to their subscription service, the leading SEO rank tracker has launched its powerful new tool, Insta-Check – which allows you to check rankings, regardless of the terms you track for the long term, on your PRT account.

Ready to analyze your optimization efforts and get results faster than ever? Try out Insta-Check for only $1, and check up to 10 keywords in the Top 100 SERPs.

Ready to analyze your optimization efforts

and get results faster than ever?

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Ready to analyze your optimization efforts and get results faster than ever?