9 Ways to Use SEOZoom to Level Up Your Digital Marketing

9 Ways to Use SEOZoom to Level Up Your Digital Marketing

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Looking for a digital marketing suite with robust tools that can help you manage every aspect of your online strategy?

Then look no further than SEOZoom.

Italy’s premier digital marketing software, SEOZoom, launched in 2015, and since then, more than 25,000 Italian businesses have used SEOZoom. Now, they’ve expanded their software to provide data for websites in the United Kingdom.

(The software will expand even further, covering United States domains by the end of the year!)

SEOZoom has a wide variety of tools that assist digital marketers, site owners, analysts, and business leaders.

Whether you’re managing SEO, conducting competitor research, creating a content strategy, or writing copy, SEOZoom can help.

With a database of more than 1.3 billion keywords, 64 million domains and 3 billion URLs, SEOZoom can help you conduct all kinds of research.

Here, I’ll share nine ways you can use the tool and take your digital marketing efforts to the next level!

1. Monitor How You’re Spending Your Google Crawl Budget

You can use SEOZoom’s content overview to find out exactly how you’re spending your Google crawl budget.

You can add any site as an SEO project within the tool, and SEOZoom will tell you what content is performing well and what pages have no keywords aren’t ranking and have no visits.

It’s key to monitor not only which pages are performing well, but which pages are performing poorly because those pages are actually wasting your crawl budget.

Additionally, the content overview will take this data and make recommendations for easy improvements to your pages, content and overall site efficiency.

2. Monitor Your Site’s Health & Overall Performance with the SEO Spider

With the SEO Spider, you can keep a close watch on your site’s overall performance.

Monitor technical performance and quickly identify any issues that come up.

Among other things, you can optimize your crawl budget, check which pages are indexed detect technical issues, find broken links, etc.

A spidering tool like this is a must-have in any SEO tool suite, and SEOZoom delivers.

3. Research Keywords & Discover New Opportunities to Rank

With the keyword analysis tool, users can input a keyword, domain or URL.

Let’s see what happens when we search for the keyword “SEO.”

Immediately, a list of the top 100 sites populates – the user can then select one or more sites and examine the ranking trends for those sites.

Here, we’ve selected searchenginejournal.com and several of its competitors to see how they’re faring in the SERP.

It quickly becomes clear that top sites, including SEJ, have enjoyed steady traffic related to “SEO” over the last quarter, but neilpatel.com (light green) dipped last month in traffic in the European market.

With Website Trends, you can easily identify any industry trends, especially related to seasonality – this will help you better prepare for spikes and declines in sales, and also alert you to wins or losses among your competitors.

4. Spy on the Competition & Find out How Your Site Stacks up Against Others in Your Niche

You can also pit up to three competitors against each other to get more insight into their overall traffic and keyword distribution.

This data goes back up to two years, and you can analyze by domain vs. domain or by URL vs. URL.

Within the competitive reports, you’ll also find a keyword list tool.

You can add up to 100 keywords and SEOZoom will pull in data for the top 10 websites related to those keywords.

We added digital marketing-related keywords, and here’s what we got back:

The most powerful content analysis tools to help copywriters to rank like an SEO!

5. Create a Robust Content Marketing Strategy

SEOZoom has a variety of editorial tools that will come in handy for SEO professionals, content marketers and copywriters, including:

  • Editorial assistant
  • Suggest keywords for your article
  • Synonyms
  • Niche
  • Keyword relevance analysis

Let’s take these for a spin.

Say I’m writing an article targeting the keyword phrase “wedding movies.”

I pop it into the Editorial Assistant, and it will give me all kinds of data: the search volume, average CPC and keyword difficulty.

Moreover, it will populate a list of related keywords and keywords sharing the same search intent.

I can choose from that list and add secondary keywords to target.

SEOZoom will also showcase the top-ranking content for your primary keyword, making it easy to investigate the competition without even leaving the tool.

6. Analyze Top-Performing Content & Get Strategic Recommendations for Your Own Content

The Top 10 Analysis assesses the top 10 pages ranking for your keyword and gives back data that tells you the words appearing most throughout those pages, using a modified TF-IDF algorithm, as well as the average keyword density for each.

Please note that keyword density is only used to compare the terms’ usage in the webpages, and it isn’t considered as a ranking factor.

Here’s what that looks like for “wedding movies”:

7. Empower Your Copywriters to Create SEO-Rich Content

Once you have your keyword strategy and content recommendations in place, it’s time to hand off the work to a copywriter.

SEOZoom has an Editorial Assistant inside the software that is a copywriter’s dream.

The Editorial Assistant provides an SEO score, gives insightful SEO recommendations based on the content the copywriter has created, and even showcases a preview of what the content will look like in the SERP based on the title and meta description.

Most important, Editorial Assistant has the capability of analyzing the competitors content in real-time, to find out relevant topics and phrases to use in your article.

An Editorial Assistant like this provides that extra level of quality assurance and can alert you to any opportunities to further optimize your content for search.

8. Source & Use New Interests in Your Campaigns

The Interest Finder is another unique SEOZoom feature.

Type in any keyword to discover the high-volume long tail keywords.

This can help you define with keyword research and building out your keyword strategy.

It can also be useful for discovering additional interests to target in your PPC campaigns, or aspects include in your audience’s personas.

Here’s what we get when we put in “wedding” as an interest:

If you are a wedding vendor, this interest finder quickly gives you insight into the top searches related to weddings and gives you tons of topic ideas for your content.

9. Go Back in Time to with the SEOZoom Time Machine

Use the Time Machine to evaluate changes to the search engine results page over time.

Compare current pages to their old versions, both on your own site and any of your competitors.

The Time Machine can help you pinpoint the impact your competitors have had on the SERP over time.

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