How To Scale Content Marketing & Improve Organic Search Rankings

How To Scale Content Marketing & Improve Organic Search Rankings

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Are you creating content for your website, but not seeing the results you desire?

Do you want content that improves your search rankings, increases your brand awareness, and brings you more organic traffic?

Let’s solve those worries by looking at how successful content marketing has helped businesses succeed, the common challenges content marketers face, and the ways can help with all aspects of your content marketing strategy.

How Content Marketing Drives Results

Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing Report shows how a successful content marketing strategy can deliver great results.

Not only can the solutions below help you implement and execute a content strategy tailored for your business, but these solutions are designed to help your business strive for content marketing success by:

  • Increasing brand awareness (80% of businesses stated this goal as achieved due to a successful content marketing strategy).
  • Building credibility and trust (75%).
  • Educating audiences (70%).

The top metrics used to determine the effectiveness of B2B content marketing tactics include:

  • Website engagement (69%).
  • Conversions (67%).
  • Website traffic (65%).

Overall, 80% of content marketers rate their content marketing strategy as moderately or very successful in delivering results.

So, how can you ensure that your content marketing strategy is bringing in the results you want?

Let’s make sure you’re not falling victim to the top challenges marketers face across all industries when scaling up their efforts.

Common Hurdles Around Content Marketing Competition & Outsourcing

Did you know that bloggers alone create 70 million new blog posts per month?

This doesn’t even include the large number of blog posts published on other content management systems and blogging platforms like Medium or Tumblr, which hosts over 545 million blogs.

This means that each time your business hits publish on a new blog post, you are competing with over 2.3 million other new blog posts also published that day for the attention of search engines and audiences alike.

Ultimately, businesses need more than just great content to win rankings, visibility, and traffic.

You can no longer expect to attract incoming traffic just because you published a great piece of content.

Each piece of content must be properly optimized and promoted to get the results you want.

This may explain why 67% of B2B content marketers have had an increase in responsibilities (without an increase in available resources), according to the earlier mentioned CMI report.

To scale content marketing, half of both B2B and B2C businesses outsourced their content marketing efforts in 2021.

Statista found that 81% of marketers outsourced content writing, 40% outsourced graphic design, 28% outsourced SEO, and 23% outsourced editing and proofreading.

It’s no surprise that content writing is the most outsourced part of content marketing, considering that it takes an average of four hours to craft exceptional content, according to Orbit Media.

Once you create the content, then you must find the right way to optimize it for search engines.

Without proper technical, on-page, and off-page optimization techniques, your content won’t be visible to search users.

Both B2B and B2C businesses cited finding writers with topical expertise as a top challenge with outsourcing content.

From there, B2B experienced the following hurdles:

  • Finding content partners who can understand their audience.
  • Lack of clear return on investment (ROI) metrics.
  • Finding content partners who can provide strategic advice.
  • Lack of comprehensive solutions from one partner.

Even with the challenges, 57% of the companies that outsourced content marketing efforts achieved success by choosing the right content partners.

How Helps Businesses Succeed With Outsourced Content Marketing doesn’t just churn out one piece of content to the next to help their clients get results with their content marketing.

They provide comprehensive solutions that ensure each piece of content is designed to drive results.

The following components of’s services ensure that clients see measurable results, including an improvement in search rankings, increase in brand awareness, and increase in organic search traffic.

1. Discover & Leverage Easy SEO Opportunities

Effort: Low

Execution Strategy: Use an in-house team or result-oriented agency.

One of the first steps in any successful SEO strategy is an audit.

This will identify the easiest wins you can achieve in search rankings through technical optimizations of your website, modifications of on-page content, and offsite requests for links.

During this process, you will also identify the keywords you need to target to get visibility in front of your target audiences in search engine results.

With proper analysis, you can determine which keywords will be the easiest to rank for in search and drive the most customers to your content.

Once you know what keywords your business should target, you will be able to brainstorm topics for content that help take your ideal customer through your funnel, from getting to know your brand to helping them choose your product or service.

2. Hire Domain Experts Skilled In SEO

Effort: High

Execution Strategy: Outsource

To ensure that your content delivers the results your business needs, you need more than just high-quality content written by an expert in your domain.

You need someone who understands your vertical and your audience.

You also need someone who knows how to get your content in front of your target audience in search engines.

This goes beyond adding the right keywords to your content. will match your business with writers who understand your industry and all of the technical, on-page, and offsite SEO needed to help search engines find and rank your content on search engine results pages (SERPs).

This will ensure that content created for your business will rank well in search and engage your target audience into taking action.

3. Use Dedicated Content Marketers

Effort: Medium – High

Execution Strategy: Dedicate members of your in-house marketing team or outsource.

In addition to being matched with writers who understand the content needed to drive search audiences to your website, you will be matched with a dedicated content marketer who oversees your full content marketing strategy.

With, you will no longer have to coordinate with multiple writers, graphic designers, and other members of a content marketing team individually for assignments, deadlines, edits, and payments.

You will work with one person who manages everyone needed to deliver effective content.

Not only will your one point of contact be the person in charge of your content marketing strategy, but they will also be evaluated for their performance and ability to achieve the results your business desires.

Therefore, your content marketer’s main objective is ensuring your content performs to meet or exceed your business goals, whether they are to increase traffic to your website or improve your website’s overall visibility in search results.

4. Implement An Exhaustive Content Marketing Strategy

Effort: High

Execution Strategy: Outsource

Effective content marketing doesn’t begin and end with the delivery of a finished blog post. knows that it takes a holistic approach to ensure that your content achieves your business goals.

That is why you will receive a mixture of services designed to drive targeted traffic to your content.

These services include web design, inbound marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, and paid advertising.

Using a full-scale digital marketing plan to promote your content will propel it to the forefront, helping you stand out above your competition and the millions of other blog posts that go live daily.

Without a strong plan to optimize and promote content, even the highest quality blog posts will go unnoticed by their intended audience.

Without online visibility, you can’t get the traffic you need to convert into customers.

In addition to other forms of content promotion, you will need to build natural, high-quality links to your content to help it rank higher in search results.

White hat linking services from can help ensure content marketing success.

Inbound links are a confirmed Google ranking factor.

By acquiring natural, high-quality links to each piece of content you create, you will help boost your content’s ranking in search results.

5. Utilize Native Editors

Effort: High

Execution Strategy: Outsource

No matter where you and your customers are located, has native and non-native editors who can polish your content and resolve readability issues so that your content matches your business’s tone and style.

While editing may not affect your content’s ranking in search engines directly, it will affect how the people who click through to your website feel about your content.

Content edited by a native editor will resonate well with your target audience and help your visitors have a frictionless experience throughout your sales funnel.

Without proper editing, visitors may feel like your content lacks authority and expertise, no matter how informative.

It may cause visitors to leave before completing the journey through your funnel or taking a specific conversion action.

If enough visitors click on your website, and then back to search results because they were unsatisfied with the quality of content, it may result in a loss of rankings due to providing a poor user experience.

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