How to Unlock Your Hidden SEO Potential Like Never Before with Botify

How to Unlock Your Hidden SEO Potential Like Never Before with Botify

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Large enterprise websites face a huge problem: 51% of their pages aren’t being found by Google.

This represents a wealth of untapped potential for traffic and conversions.

Organic search has the potential to be the foundation of a brand’s digital strategy, and one of its most reliable revenue-drivers.

They just need the tools to be able to unlock it.

Forrester Consulting recently found that the most SEO-mature organizations were the most likely to find SEO very profitable (91%), saying that it helped them increase sales and conversions.

When organizations prioritize SEO, there’s no stopping the revenue-driving benefits of organic search.

That’s why enterprise SEO platform Botify is going into 2020 with a renewed focus on helping enterprise brands unlock hidden potential and increase their website ROI.

Bridging the Gap Between Websites & Search Engines

Botify is laser-focused on helping enterprise brands bridge the gap between their websites and search engines.

Google isn’t missing 51% of their content because they can’t or don’t want to crawl it.

They’re missing it because large, complex enterprise sites can put up barriers, often unknowingly, that make it difficult for search engines to find their most important content.

The way to combat this is by optimizing for the full SEO funnel – crawl, render, index, rank, and convert.

It’s only when you unify all this data that you can unlock the opportunities on your site to help Google and other search engines find and index your critical content.

For years, Botify has been helping SEO professionals do this by providing:

  • Log file analysis
  • HTML and JavaScript crawling
  • Query position and CTR tracking
  • Traffic and conversion data

The world’s top companies (including Condé Nast, Refinery29, Marriott, Merkle, Glassdoor, Expedia, Clarins, and more) rely on Botify every day.

Botify, however, wasn’t content to rest on its laurels.

In 2020, they’re determined – more than ever – to help their clients uncover hidden potential and take their performance to new heights.

And they’re doing that through a combination of data, prescriptive insights, and automated tasks.

“With so much information to digest, we wanted to make it easier and faster for SEOs to navigate through the data and make the highest-impact decisions. We want to call people to the most important data so SEOs can save time, mitigate risk, and maximize their resources,” explains Adrien Menard, Botify’s CEO.

In an effort to achieve that, Botify invested heavily in product innovation in 2019.

The investment paid off with two new product suites: Botify Intelligence and Botify Activation.

Here, we’ll dive into each of these suites and learn how they’re helping Botify’s clients unlock more hidden SEO potential than ever before.

Botify Intelligence

Botify Intelligence is all about helping SEO professionals work smarter and more efficiently.

Within the Botify Intelligence Suite, users will find two key tools that will help them do just that: ActionBoard (now available) and AlertPanel (coming soon).

Get a Custom, Prioritized SEO Roadmap with ActionBoard

Botify Intelligence’s ActionBoard delivers a roadmap that lists customized action items that will drive the most impact.

The suggested actions are never generic or one-size-fits-all.

Each site has its own prioritized SEO tasks based on impact.

The ability to sort and prioritize tasks is essential when you’re managing a site with hundreds of thousands or millions of pages.

With so much crawl data, keyword data, analytics data, and log files, even figuring out where to start can be overwhelming – and that’s where ActionBoard comes in.

ActionBoard helps cut through the noise and empowers SEO professionals to jump into the most critical tasks, rather than wasting time sorting through mounds of data to pinpoint opportunities.

ActionBoard is always working in the background.

With each site crawl, ActionBoard delivers new insights on exactly what is happening with your site and key actions you can take.

AlertPanel Provides an Early Alert System for Known SEO Issues

Get the peace of mind that can only come from knowing that you’ll be alerted to known SEO issues in real time.

AlertPanel is configured to constantly scan the most important pages on your site, and understand the difference between seasonal trends and actual anomalies.

“AlertPanel provides a highly scaled safety net: if the critical pages of your website suddenly lose important organic traffic, Botify will immediately alert you and direct you to exactly where the issue is occurring,” explains Christophe Frenet, Botify’s Senior Vice President of Product.

In addition to monitoring for possible algorithm shake-ups, ActionBoard is also constantly on the lookout for other known SEO issues, including sudden drops in crawled pages or huge upticks in 404 errors, etc.

AlertPanel will roll out to users later in the first half of this year.

Botify Activation

Botify Activation was designed to simplify and streamline routine SEO tasks.

One of the first features within Botify Activation is FastIndex.

FastIndex allows SEO professionals to submit new, updated, and relevant pages to search engines for indexing, ensuring that high-value, critical pages that really matter to your site have the best chance of being indexed.

FastIndex includes an integration with The Bing API (building upon Bing’s new programmatic URL submission process) to facilitate faster indexing.

Botify is also participating in Bing’s content submission API pilot, where they’ll be testing feeding the full HTML of pages to Bing.

Botify Activation will roll out to users in the first half of this year.

How Botify Is Thinking Differently in 2020

It’s not just Botify’s tools that are growing: it’s also the entire mission of the company.

From the blog to company branding, everything got a 2020 makeover.

“When we set out to re-think our brand, we knew we wanted our public-facing image to more closely reflect the reason Botify was founded and what continues to drive our product innovations today — the desire to help enterprise brands unlock hidden potential,” said Botify’s CMO Rachel Meranus.

“For us, that meant refining everything from our visual identity to our messaging, which you’ll see reflected on the new in everything from our new Solutions pages to a more robust blog and resource center.”

Take a closer look at the logo – even that’s changed.

Botify 2020 logo

The “o” in Botify is now a magnifying glass; it’s a play on search itself, and also pays homage to Botify’s commitment to help SEO pros find high-impact opportunities in their data.

You’ll also notice that the actual color of the Botify logo changed ever so slightly.

It’s still purple, but the shade is now more closely aligned with the shade of purple that the links on the SERP change to when they’re clicked – a nod to what Botify can help make happen for brands!

Playing on their “unlocking hidden potential” message, Botify also wanted their new brand to celebrate SEO professionals and elevate them in their organizations.

“SEOs are often the unsung heroes of their marketing and product teams,” said Kameron Jenkins, Botify’s Director of Brand, Content & Communications. “SEOs have the potential to drive massive revenue growth for their companies, and we want to give credit where credit is due.

One way we’re doing that is through our new ‘Trust Your SEO’ section of our home page, where we highlight some of our customers and their stories.”

Botify SEO Feature John Shehata

Getting Started with Botify

Brands can increase their website ROI substantially by investing in making sure all their critical pages are findable by Google and other search engines, as well as using SEO to inform all of their other digital investments to drive better returns from them.

If you want to test out Botify for yourself, you can schedule a free demo.

Experience Botify’s suite of enterprise SEO tools and find out how their unified data, prescriptive insights, and automated tasks can benefit you.

Each demo is tailored to your website, making the experience personal, relevant, and useful.

Find out how Botify can help your search strategy today!

Find out how Botify can help

your search strategy today!

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Find out how Botify can help your search strategy today!