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YPNBlog Launches : Yahoo Publisher Network Blog Community

YPNBlog Launches : Yahoo Publisher Network Blog Community

Even though Yahoo Publisher Network remains in an invite only Beta offering, it is growing larger by the day. Yahoo, in an effort to ad more of a sense of community and communication between its YPN publishers, has launched the Yahoo Publisher Network’s Blog at

Yahoo! Publisher Network blog plans to be a total resource for publishers, by publishers.

From YPN :

In it, publishers will find not only what they might expect from a product-focused industry blog—the latest on issues, new releases, and tips—but also in-depth how-to’s, publisher interviews, industry trends, links to articles and other news and information you can use. The blog is also intended to be a community platform that will help publishers learn how to be more successful and profitable publishers.

* Give publishers – you folks – a voice in the evolution of the Yahoo! Publisher Network and its products.

* Build a place where you can come and learn about the latest updates and enhancements to the Network

* Showcase your work and your contributions to making Yahoo! Publisher Network what is today – and to what it will become tomorrow

* Provide a community space where you can learn from other publishers how to be a better one yourself

The YPNBlog, in the Yahoo & WordPress (the technology which powers YPNBlog) community spirits, will also be publishing a weekly Publisher Spotlight. The Spotlight will feature sites which are doing something ‘groovy’ or a bit different with YPN. If you know of a YPN Publisher doing something a bit out of the box, send your nominations to YPN.

Additionally, YPNBlog has the mission of becoming a blog resource on contextual advertising and related happenings, keeping an eye on industry news, new plug-ins, forum conversations, hacks and add-ons.

Will Johnson, VP & General Manager of Yahoo Publisher Network adds :

“While Yahoo! and the web may be still in its “adolescence,” by comparison, the Yahoo! Publisher Network self-serve platform is really in its infancy. After all, we’re still calling this a beta product, and for the time being, our advertising products are only available in the U.S.

Even so, this is not just a test. We are passionate about building relationships with publishers, delivering outstanding service and an industry-leading experience. And we will continue to make improvements and roll out additional features throughout the beta period.”

The YPNBlog also serves as a showcase of Yahoo’s Social Media technology, with Events powered by, Tagging & Bookmarking via, RSS subscription via My Yahoo, and a Flickr Photo Badge.

Even if you’re not a member of the Yahoo Publisher Network, the implementation of all of these 2.0 hacks and tools is a nice awakening to how tuned in Yahoo is to the social search and blogging world.

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YPNBlog Launches : Yahoo Publisher Network Blog Community

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