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YouTube Turns On Post-Roll Ads For All Monetized Videos

YouTube is advising creators that post-roll ads are now activated by default on all monetized videos.

YouTube is turning post-roll ads on by default for all videos that are eligible to serve ads.

YouTube advises creators of this change in the first news update of the year on its Creator Insider channel.

A YouTube team member states:

“For monetizing creators, any video over 10 minutes in length will automatically have post-roll ads turned on by default.”

A “monetizing” creator is someone who has applied for, and been accepted into, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

Creators who belong to the YPP can run ads in their videos and earn a cut of the revenue based on how many views the ads receive.

There are three main advertising options to choose from: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. Creators can choose to include any combination of those ad types when uploading a video longer than 10 minutes in length.

All advertising is optional, though its important to be aware all ad types are now turned on by default. That means, if you’re not careful, you could end up uploading a video with more advertising than intended.

Although post-roll ads are turned on automatically, creators can turn them off at any time if they prefer.

Post-roll ads can be turned off during the upload flow by unchecking the appropriate box. Creators can turn post-roll ads off on existing videos from the ‘monetization’ tab.

Should I keep post-roll ads on?

Given that post-roll ads are served after a video has been viewed, they’re the least intrusive ad type YouTube offers.

However, you may run the risk of fatiguing your audience if you have post-roll ads turned on in addition to mid-roll and pre-roll ads.

Let’s say all ad types are turned on for a 10 minute video – that’s a lot of advertising in a short time span.

Whether post-roll ads should be kept on or not is something you may want to assess on a case-by-case basis.

Alternatively, you can go with the default setting and let viewers decide if it’s too much advertising or not. They won’t be shy to tell you in the comment section.

It could end up being a positive thing for advertisers if a majority of creators leave post-roll ads on. If post-roll ads become ubiquitous on YouTube, advertisers may further benefit by creating unique ads for this format.

Here’s a brief rundown for advertisers on post-roll ads specs and suggested best practises.

Post-Roll Ads Specs & Best Practices

Post-roll ads are an unusual element in the realm of online advertising. They’re limited to YouTube and Snapchat, making them far less common than either pre-roll or mid-roll ads.

Post-roll ads share similar specs, however, clocking in between 12 seconds and 3 minutes in length. Shorter is recommended as post-roll ads are the most skippable of all ad types.

Viewers are unlikely to stick around long after the content they wanted to see has finished playing. That’s why it’s ill advised for advertisers to recycle pre-roll or mid-roll ads as post-roll ads.

Advertisers need to communicate their message in as little time as possible. And it helps to take advantage of one of the benefits of post-roll ads, which is the ability to click-through to a website URL.

With all that in mind: keep it short, create a sense of urgency, compel viewers to click with a call-to-action.

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YouTube Turns On Post-Roll Ads For All Monetized Videos

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