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WordPress Releases Free Course On Building & Monetizing Membership Sites

WordPress announced a free course that teaches how to set up a membership site and start earning money from subscribers

WordPress Membership 101 Course

WordPress just released a free course on how to make money with a membership site that walks through the process of setting it up, deciding the best payment plans and managing subscriptions.

The step by step guide is useful for anyone with a skill or knowledge to teach, a perfect way to start a new income stream.

What Is A Membership Site?

A membership site is a type of business that offers a group of people access to exclusive information.

The offering can be group lessons on creative writing, crafting, tying fishing flies, yoga, music class, art school and virtually anything else that can be taught.

The membership site can be executed by video, it could be in the form of an online community, it could even be a site that offers training videos and articles on a topic.

WordPress Course On Building A Membership Site

The course is called Membership Sites 101.

It provides a foundation for understanding the process of getting a membership site up and running, including design, monetization and recommended plugins.

WordPress announced the following learning topics:

  • “Setting up the Paid Content Block: Learn how to blend free content with paid content and entice new members with exclusive perks.
  • Crafting membership plans:
    Discover the magic of one-time, monthly, or annual payments, along with the power of “Pay what you want.”
  • Multiple membership levels:
    Unveil the secrets of Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels, or even create specialized topical memberships.
  • Managing subscriptions:
    Get insights on handling subscribers, earnings, and payment plans with ease.”

Membership Sites 101

The course takes about one hour and thirty minutes to complete.

It’s entirely self-guided and paced in short lessons that won’t overwhelm first timers.

WordPress lists the following topics for learning:

Three methods for setting up a membership site:

  1. Privacy and Password Protection
  2. Paid Content blocks
  3. Membership plugins

Suggestions for different types of membership sites

Guidance on choosing and setting up different membership levels

Ideas for a range of different types of content to include

What Is Needed To Learn?

The course assumes a basic understanding of how to use WordPress.

Students should be prepared to go through the information twice to make sure it is fully understood.

There is also a WordPress Education Community Forum for support if at any point a student needs assistance.

Read the full announcement:

Membership Sites 101

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WordPress Releases Free Course On Building & Monetizing Membership Sites

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