WordPress Security Update Released, Immediate Download Recommended

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WordPress Security Update Released, Immediate Download Recommended

A security update has been released for WordPress version 4.4 and earlier — the company recommends webmasters update their sites immediately.

WordPress version 4.4.1 is a security and maintenance release which fixes a flaw that could allow a site to be compromised by a cross-site scripting vulnerability. A cross-site scripting vulnerability is a type of code injection where malicious content can pass from one site to another through bypassing the same-origin policy.

In order to not leave yourself at risk to this newly reported vulnerability, head to your WordPress dashboard and ensure it has been updated to the latest version, 4.4.1.

In addition to the security update, there were a few maintenance updates — the highlight of which is the inclusion of diverse emoji sets. An issue was also where, if the URL of a post was ever re-used, it could redirect to the wrong post.

Altogether, WordPress 4.4.1 fixes 52 bugs that have been found since the release of version 4.4. For more details, a full list of changes can be found in the release notes.

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  • WordPress is the most user friendly CMS that can create complex websites with very less or no technical knowledge. It comes with rich set of modules and plugins that can transform your digital dream into a reality. However, it is important to identify the secured and authenticated tools for your WordPress website to improve the overall website security. WordPress, due to its popularity has been exposed to cross-site scripting attacks, the most recent being in the latest version Clifford. The speed at which WP identifies this and provides the patch is appreciated. Usually websites running on WordPress content management systems are not vulnerable to security breaches, but its popularity makes hacker find a way to get into the website. To improve security, it is important to update system on regular basis along with the modules and plugins. Using plugins that keep a check on updates will be of a good help. Also ensure to install authentic security tools for a website.

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