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Understanding The Reconsideration Request via Matt Cutts

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Understanding The Reconsideration Request via Matt Cutts

Penalized sites get removed from the SERP’s. Google has been fair to such webmasters and has allowed them a way to get back into the search engine index. You do this by filing a reconsideration request. One of our writers, Ann Smarty, wrote an excellent step by step guide that shows you how to fill it out.

You can read that here:

Despite being relatively simple, many webmasters have questions about the process. Matt Cutts did a great job shooting a video that explains the process on Google’s end. Here is the video:

Notes from the video:

  • The response to the RR is really just a yes or a no.
  • Google is working on becoming more transparen
  • They are working on giving more examples in the messages
  • Visit the webmasters forum and ask for examples and feedback

Does this help you understand the RR process much better?



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