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Twitter Removes the Ability to Add Precise Location Tags to Tweets

Twitter Removes the Ability to Add Precise Location Tags to Tweets

Twitter users can no longer tag their precise location in tweets, a feature that has been available for roughly 10 years.

The company announced it is removing support for precise geotagging because it’s not being used very much.

“Most people don’t tag their precise location in Tweets, so we’re removing this ability to simplify your Tweeting experience. You’ll still be able to tag your precise location in Tweets through our updated camera. It’s helpful when sharing on-the-ground moments.”

As the announcement states, precise geotagging will still be available when using the Twitter camera to share photos and videos.

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According to a report from TechCrunch, precise location tagging will also be available when publishing tweets via FourSquare and Yelp.

In addition to sharing locations, geotagging allows users to browse tweets that were shared by people within the same location.

In theory, this could have been useful for keeping up with local happenings or learning about what’s going on in a neighborhood while visiting a new city.

Apparently, Twitter users didn’t see enough value in the feature to actually use it.

It’s likely that hashtags prevailed as the preferred method of organizing tweets around a specific location.

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