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Threads Adds Reposts To Profiles And Following Feed

Discover the latest updates from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri on Threads reposts and an audio notes feature coming soon to Instagram.

  • Threads is introducing reposts on Threads profiles and in the following feed.
  • Instagram is developing an audio notes with friends feature.
  • Meta continues releasing updates to its platforms at a rapid pace.
threads instagram new features

Instagram is adding new Threads features to organize the growing volume of shared content.

In separate updates from Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri introduced new ways to find Reposts on Threads and a new audio feature for Instagram.

Reposts Tab For Threads Profiles

According to Mosseri, the reposts tab will provide users with a consolidated view of all the threads they have reposted.

Screenshot from Threads, August 2023

The new tab makes the discovery of reposted content more accessible for users and their audiences.

Expected to roll out soon, the new tab comes a week after Threads added additional management features to its app.

Included in the previous update was a way for users to find the posts they liked and sort followers by the following date.

Reposts In The Threads Following Feed

In addition to appearing on the new Threads profile tab, reposts will also appear in the following feed.

Users not interested in reposts from those they follow will have to wait until Threads implements a feature similar to the one on X.

After following someone on X, you can visit the three-dot profile menu to turn off the user’s reposts.

Audio Notes Coming To Instagram

In a separate message on Instagram, Mosseri polled subscribers of his IG Updates broadcast channel if they would use audio notes with friends.

Screenshot from Instagram, August 2023

While this functionality has not yet entered the public testing phase, it could offer a new way to reach target audiences on Instagram in the future.

Sharing settings could also allow marketers to promote specific messages with smaller, targeted audiences, such as followers a brand follows back on Instagram.

It’s worth noting that Facebook tried integrating a social audio platform in 2021 but shuttered the service less than a year later.

New Features To Increase User Engagement

Mosseri’s announcements on Threads and Instagram emphasize Meta’s commitment to innovating based on user feedback to enhance experiences across its social platforms.

In addition to the latest updates from Mosseri, Meta recently added video messages to WhatsApp.

Meta platforms’ new and upcoming features should give marketers more ways to reach and engage with audiences.

Featured image: Adrian Tusar/Shutterstock

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Threads Adds Reposts To Profiles And Following Feed

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